Research for Television, print and radio: Founded   in   1987,   and   launching   to   the   public   in   1988,   for   30   years   we've   been   the   united   voice   for Crossroads   fans.   As   well   as   sharing   memories,   information   and   features   for   the   soap-opera's   fan   base we   have   also   been   happy   to   assist   with   many   press,   television   and   radio   companies   over   the   years   with their Crossroads-based features. We   have   been   pleased   to   research   information   on   the   programme   as   well   as   its   cast   and   crew.   We pride   ourselves   in   offering   our   services   free   of   charge   to   whoever   is   looking   for   Crossroads   information in order to provide the hard facts, rather than the myths. Although   the   Carlton   archive   has   no   official   researcher   or   archivist,   we   have   over   the   years   co- operated   with   Central   Independent   Television   to   voluntarily   fulfil   that   role   for   independent   companies such   as   UK   Gold.   In   doing   so   we   hopefully   have,   in   a   small   way,   helped   protect   the   serial’s   heritage and archive. The   fan   club   has   been   given   access   to   Central   and   ATV   documents   with   many   visits   to   the   one-time official   archive   in   Birmingham,   in   fact   for   many   years   the   fan   club   was   treated   by   Central   Press   Office as Crossroads' research department - passing on all enquiries about the soap to us. This   excellent   professional   working   relationship   with   the   production   company   and   their   archive   department   is   something   we   are   very   proud   of.   In   recent years   the   company   rights   to   Crossroads   have   changed   hands   many   times,   however   we   hope   to   continue   to   liaise   with   the   current   owners   to   provide   fans and those seeking information with the facts they require. We   simply   haven't   the   space   to   list   every   single   edition   of   every   programme   or   publication   we   have   assisted   with   over   the   past   few   decades,   so   instead here is a list of some of the main productions. Productions using CAS research: Central   Television   -   Peter   Kingsman   helped   research   the   30th   Anniversary   Special   programme   co-operating   with   the   producers   at   the   Central   archive   in Birmingham. 1994. UK   Gold   (UKTV)   -   Peter   Kingsman   spent   a   week   at   Central   TV   in   Birmingham   working   through   the archive for UK Gold, researching the series for their repeat run of the original. 1996. Carlton    Broadcasting    (Carlton    Central)    Peter    Kingsman    and    Simon    Cole    assisted    the    continuity department   at   the   Carlton   studios   in   Nottingham   to   document   the   factual   information   needed   for   the new   series.   Later   the   continuity   department   were   sacked,   the   information   un-used,   and   thus   the   soap came   in   for   huge   criticism   for   not   being   "Crossroads"   of   old.   Peter   was   hired   as   staff   for   the   duration   of this research by the TV company. Yorkshire Television (Granada) - We provided basic information to a researcher at YTV. 2001. Tyne   Tees   Television   (Granada)   -   Working   title   "Fandom"   -   A   researcher   was   looking   for   information   on fan clubs and society's with social meetings. 2002. SC4   (Channel   4   Wales)   -   Research   into   the   episode   numbers   and   year   of   Sandy's   car   crash   -   the   story that helped start the Caring For Carers. 2002. Planet   24   -   The   Big   Breakfast   -   The   Former   Channel   4   breakfast   show   wanted   some   Crossroads   fans   to appear   on   the   programme.   Information   and   research   was   carried   out   for   the   company.   Sadly   the   show   was   taken   off-air   before   any   feature   was produced. 2002. Yorkshire   Television   -   Soap And   Glory   - A   Channel   4   series,   in   which   one   episode   looks   at   Noele   Gordon.   TV   Times   covers   were   requested.   We   provided   a source for the items. 2003. BBC   Television   -   The   BBC   Pebble   Mill   studios   were   making   one   of   their   morning   DIY   shows,   and   asked   us   for   information   regarding   Crossroads   props,   as they were to film near the hotel's former location. We provided them with some information as to where items could be found. 2003. Yorkshire   Television   -   How   Soaps   Changed   The   World   -   General   information   provided   to   a   researcher   looking   for   opinions   on   why   some   soaps   have   been axed. 2004. Channel 5 Broadcasting - General information provided to Five's continuity for their own research matters. 2004. SC4 (Channel 4 Wales) - Research on the Welsh actors who appeared in Crossroads. 2004. Granada   Ventures/Network   DVD      -   Photographs   from   the   fan   club   archive   were   used   by   Granada   on   the   DVD   releases   of   the   soap.   (The   black   and   white images on the inside of the DVD sleeves. Also some feature in the interview with Sue Nicholls.) 2005. Granada   Television   -   This   Morning   -   Information   requested   about   the   soap-opera   for   a   feature   on   the DVD. 2005. LWT - Alright On The Night - ITV50 - Information on Crossroads out-takes provided. 2005. Endemol UK - Information provided for an unknown production they were working on. 2005. Yorkshire   Television   -   Un-named   programme   on   wiped   episodes   of   ITV   programmes   -   Information provided on what is missing from the Crossroads vaults. 2006. Endemol UK - Information about 'sacked' Crossroads actors given to the company. 2006. Tyne   Tees   -   Information   provided   about   Crossroads   and   reports   of   recent   episode   finds.   For   Raiders   Of The Lost Archive. 2007. Unique   Television   -   Noel   Edmonds'   production   company   were   looking   for   information   on   music   from   the motel,   including   Paul   Henry,   Sue   Nicholls   and   Kate   Robbins   ventures   into   the   music   charts   thanks   to Crossroads. 2007. Television   South   -   Assisted   with   the   early   stages   of   a   production   of   a   DVD   about   ATV   Centre   providing information on Crossroads at the studios. 2007. Hamma Glamma Productions - Assistance with a programme for ITV3, TV Towns. 2007. Unique Television - Information on ratings for the Christmas episode from 1979 provided. 2007. Scarlet   Television   -   Information   and   footage   provided   concerning   the   'endings'   to   Crossroads   in   1988   and   2003.   2008.   This   later   was   broadcast   on   Sky Living as Top 50 Greatest TV Endings hosted by Cilla Black. Tiger Aspect   Productions   -   Information   on   Crossroads   locations   -   including   Kings   Oak   (Tanworth   in Arden)   and   the   Crossroads   Motel   (Penns   Hall)   -   provided for a forthcoming ITV presentation 'Drama Trails'. 2008. ITV   Consumer   for   Crossroads   web   page   information   provided   such   as   information   on   celebrity   fan   club   members,   Reg   Watson   and   lost   episodes. 2008. BBC Radio Cumbria - Details on Jane Rossington and Crossroads provided for a Radio Cumbria feature on the soap. 2008. Northern   Upstarts   -   clips   of   Roger   Tonge   as   Sandy   Richardson   in   Crossroads   provided.   BBC   Two   programme.   (Inaccurate   and   misleading   in   final transmission.) 2010. ATV   Network   -   a   online   special   feature   looking   at   the   late   Roger   Tonge.   Remembering   Roger   was   created   to   mark   30   years since   the   actor's   death,   look   at   the   Caring   for   Carers   scheme   his   character   helped   found   and   correct   the   misleading   BBC Two programme listed above by Northern Upstarts. 2010. North   One   Television   -   The   Unforgettable   Noele   Gordon.   With   ATV   and   the   Noele   Gordon   Estate   we   provided   a   host   of information   on   the   leading   star   of   Crossroads.   We   also   located   several   interviewees   for   the   programme.   Our   key   member Peter Kingsman also took part in the production. 2011. BBC   Wales   -   Welsh   Greats:   Margaret   John.   Information   provided   for   this   BBC   One   Wales   celebration   of   the   actress   Margaret John who played Marion Owen in Crossroads. Details of her storylines and episodes provided. 2012. The Weekly News - Crossroads Feature. 2014. Channel 5 - From Soap Star to Pop Star. Information given to a researcher about Crossroads songs, notably Noele Gordon’s releases. 2015. ATV Network - Return to Crossroads. DVD Documentary on the soap opera. 2017. Shut   That   Door:   Larry   Grayson   -   Double   Yellow   Television   for   ITV3.   Information   on   Noele   Gordon   and   Larry   Grayson’s   friendship   provided   along   with images from the Noele Gordon personal collection. 2017.
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