2019 News Actress Sandy Ratcliff dies aged 70 Sandy   is   best   known   of   course   for   her   iconic   role   of   Sue   Osman   in   BBC   One   saga   EastEnders,   however   she   made   her   first   so ap   opera   regular   appearance   in Crossroads in 1974. She   was   first   seen   (in   a   photograph)   in   episode   2219,   before   making   her   entrance   fully   in   the   following   edition.   Sandy   played   Barbara   Wells,   the   love-interest   of   George   Parker   played   by   Harry   Beety.   George   was   the   father   of   series   regular Vince   portrayed   by   Peter   Brookes.   The   storyline   saw   Vince   highly   disaprove   of   the   relationship   between   Barbara   and George - as his father was 30 years her senior, however things took a twist when he found himself falling for her charms. Barbara   and   George   Parker   however   departed   Kings   Oak   in   early   1975   when   she   decided   Vince   wasn’t   the   man   for   her. After    Crossroads    Sandy    appeared    in    many    popular    television    series    of    the    1970s    and    early    80s    including    Granada Television’s   Crown   Court,   Thames   TV’s   The   Sweeney   and   BBC   One’s   Shoestring.   She’d   found   fame   in   her   20s   as   a   model which   had   lead   to   movie   work   notably   1971’s   Family   Life,   The   Final   Programme   of   1973,   Yesterday’s   Hero   in   1979   and   a year later Hussy. It will be Sue Osman in EastEnders that Sandy will be best remembered, however. She appeared from the serial’s launch in 1985 through to 1989. Crossroads Caring for Carers raises funds via new Lottery scheme The   caring   charity   was   founded   by ATV   and   the   Crossroads   team   in   1974   following   a   storyline   in   the   serial   which   saw   Sandy   Richardson   (Roger   Tonge) unable to walk after a car crash. The needs of his carer mother Meg (Noele Gordon) were later highlighted. This   lead   to   a   fictional   care   scheme   launching   in   Kings   Oak,   which   became   a   reality   following   research   into   the   needs of   carers   in   the   UK.   Crossroads   Care   and   Caring   for   Carers   is   now   one   of   the   biggest   charities   of   its   kind   in   the   world, however each regional outlet has to raise its own funding. The   Crossroads   Caring   for   Carers   Worcestershire   branch   is   hoping   to   raise   funds   via   a   new   local   Lottery   scheme, www.worcesterlottery.org Anyone   wishing   to   support   Crossroads   Caring   for   Carers    can   buy   Lottery   tickets,   or   find   out   more,   at   the   website: https://www.worcesterlottery.org/support/crossroads-caring-for-carers   (April 2019) Dorota Kwiatkowska who played Paloma Gazarowski has died Actress Dorota Kwiatkowska, who also performed under her marriage name of Dorota Rae, died last month. She   played   receptionist   Paloma   Gazarowski   in   the   ‘Crossroads   Kings   Oak’   era   of   the   ITV   soap   opera   in   the   late   1980s. She   also   appeared   in   programmes   such   as   BBC   One   science   fiction   series   Doctor   Who,   playing   Flight   Lieutenant   Lavel in   two   1989   episodes.   Her   most   recent   work   included   Hotel   52   for   Polish   TV   Channel   Telewizja   Polska   in   2011   and Blondynka for the same network last year. Born   on   September   15,th   1957   in   Warsaw,   Mazowieckie,   Poland;   the   actress   passed   away   on   December   19th   2018 aged 61. She was residing in Australia at the time. Crossroads   co-star   Graham   Seed,   who   played   Charlie   Mycroft   alongside   Dorota   in   the   late   1980s,   paid   tribute   to   her   on   social   media,   noting   to   the fan club “How sad. RIP dear Dorota.”   (January 2019) Actor Lew Luton passed away aged 84 News   that   just   reached   us   in   January   2019,   however   dates   to   early   last   year.   We   have   recently   been   informed   Crossroads   actor   Lew   Luton   died   in April 2018 aged 84. Lew   played   motel   manager   Geoffrey   Steele   in   the   programme   in   the   mid-1960s,   wooing   receptionist   and   secretary   Julie   Shepherd   (Jean   Rogers)   and over   saw   the   motel   staff   fly   out   to   Tunisia   to   work   at   the   Desert   Coral   Hotel   while   Crossroads   Motel   was   being   re-built   following   a   bomb   explosion   in 1967. Unfortunately all of Lew’s episodes were wiped by ATV, however footage recorded in Tunisia survives showing the working-holiday storyline. Lew   was   born   in   Murwillumbah,   New   South   Wales,   Australia   as   Ambrose   James   Gerard   Luton   on   the   22nd   June   1933,   he   passed   away   on   the   25th   of April 2018. (January 2019) Earlier News Stories can be found here .
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