2015 News Kickstarting the Crossroads Reunion Special Glen Allen   (UK   Gold,   Channel   5)   has   launched   a   Kickstarter   campaign   in   association   with   the   Crossroads   Fan   Club   and ATV   to   put   together   a   special   reunion ‘mini   episode’   which   forms   part   of   the   Return   to   Crossroads   charity   DVD.   Reuniting   cast   such   as   Tony Adams,   Jane   Rossington,   Cindy   Marshall   Day,   Sherrie Hewson   and   Jean   Bayless   to   return   one   last   time   to   their   famous   hotel   characters   ‘Crossroads:   The   Reunion’   will   find   out   whats   happening   down   in   Kings Oak in 2015. While   the   Return   to   Crossroads   documentary   has   been   funded   this   extra   special   feature   needs   a   little   extra   financial   support   in   order   to   allow   the   scenes to be recorded by a professional crew. Vincet Ball to appear in Home and Away Former   Crossroads   actor   Vincent   Ball   is   to   guest   star   in   popular   Australian   saga   Home   and   Away.   The   91   year   old   Australian   actor,   played   one   time   love interest   for   Meg   Richardson   (Noele   Gordon)   -   Kevin   McArthur.   Ball   appeared   in   Crossroads   -   on   and   off   -   from   1965   to   1974.   He   went   on   to   appear   in Grundy   production   The   Young   Doctors   also   produced   and   directed   by   Crossroads’   Alan   Coleman   and   Reg   Watson.   Ball   retired   from   acting   in   2003   but   has returned   to   TV   for   the   Seven   Network   series   for   a   special   storyline   commemorating   the Anzac   Day   centenary.   Playing   WWII   veteran   Tom   Knight   he   stars   in the episode alongside Home and Away regular Ray Meagher as Alf Roberts. Crossroads Repeats to air on Big Centre TV Crossroads   episodes   are   returning   to   Midland   TV   screens   50   years   after   the   first   episode.   Its   been   fifteen   years   since   the   last   repeats   aired   on   UK   Gold across the country, Now BCTV are to air classic editions to the region - and beyond via their website. The full press release is below: Check in and check out Crossroads, exclusively on Big Centre TV Iconic   British   television   soap,   Crossroads,   will   be   brought   back   to   the   small   screen   by   Big   Centre   TV,   which   launches   this   Saturday,   28th   February,   at   6pm   on   Freeview   Channel   8.   In   a move   that   will   delight   fans   of   the   show,   Big   Centre TV   plans   to   broadcast   all   existing   episodes,   including   some   classic   early   episodes   from   the   1960s.   Crossroads   originally   ran   from   1964 to   1988   on   the   regional   Channel   3   network   and   at   its   peak   the   show’s   viewing   figures   reached   up   to   18   million.   The   show,   which   was   the   UK’s   first   full   length   daily   soap,   revolves around the village of Kings Oak, near Birmingham, and the main location of the Crossroads Motel. Channel   director,   Chris   Perry,   said:   “It’s   an   incredible   honour   to   bring   Crossroads   back   to   viewers.   More   than   4,500   episodes   were   filmed,   but   only   around   1,500   have   survived and   these   are   mostly   from   1978-1988.   The   earlier   editions   were   largely   lost   and   only   a   few   classic   editions   survive.   However,   we   plan   to   show   all   editions   available, including those known as the 'Crossroads Classics'. “Bringing   Crossroads   back   to   the   small   screen   has   only   been   possible   because   of   the   close   partnership   between   Independent   Television   and   me   and   my   team   at   Kaleidoscope. Arranging   this   deal   was   not   easy   as   checking   assets   from   the   1960s   took   time,   restoration   and   research,   but   we   are   deeply   proud   to   be   the   new   home   of   such   an   iconic programme.” One   of   the   show’s   stars,   Jane   Rossington,   who   played   Jill   Richardson,   said:   “I   am   delighted   that   audiences   will   be   able   to   experience   the   phenomenon   that   was   Crossroads.   We filmed   at   a   number   of   locations   here   in   the   Midlands,   so   it’s   great   that   Big   Centre   TV,   the   local   station   for   the   area,   has   chosen   it   as   the   headline   show.    Many   people   have fond memories of the show and even today I meet people who remember characters and storylines.” Big   Centre   TV   is   the   UK’s   newest   station   and   will   cover   Birmingham,   the   Black   Country   and   Solihull,   providing   an   estimated   2.3m   viewers   with   an   eclectic   mix   of   local   and   national programmes. It will broadcast seven days a week and programmes will also be available online, giving the station a potential global audience. Andrew   Gavaghan,   Granada   Archive   operations   manager,   said:   “[The   archive]   and   Kaleidoscope   have   worked   together   for   many   years   in   sharing   knowledge   and   information about   Channel   3’s   rich   broadcasting   history   and   [Granada]   has   donated   archive   materials   to   Kaleidoscope   to   help   assist   with   its   endeavours   in   preserving   and   exploring   past British TV programming.  “The   in-depth   knowledge   and   enthusiasm   that   Kaleidoscope   possess,   is   a   valuable   resource   not   only   to   the   broadcasting   and   production   communities   but   also   to   anyone interested in this important area of our culture.” Crossroads will be broadcast weekdays at 9.30am. There will be additional screenings each weekday at 6pm and 11pm. Jane Gurnett gives her support to a soapy Storyline Actress   Jane   Gurnett   is   one   of   the   faces   supporting   a   new   ‘comedy   soap   opera’   idea   by   former   Crossroads   writer   Neil   Anthony   Docking   and   Crossroads director Maxine Evans. A Kickstarter campaign to raise £10,000 to make three episodes has proved successful. Storyline   is   described   by   production   company,   Independence   Pictures,   as   a   fast-paced,   quick-fire   comedy   with   dramatic   twists-   set   behind   the   often unruly,   unbalanced   and   unyielding   scenes   of   a   fictional   soap   opera.   Docking   and   Evans   believe   it   will   give   viewers   the   chance   to   see   what   really   goes   on behind the scenes of a long running saga and what actors, producers and storyliners really get up to behind the scenes. Jane is best known to Crossroads viewers as motel owner Kate Russell, appearing in the series from 2001 to 2003. 2014 News Actor Bernard Kay dies Kay   who   starred   hundreds   of   television   series   across   his   career,   including   BBC   police   saga   Z   Cars   (from   the   very   first   episode)   and   science   fiction   drama Doctor   Who,   has   died   aged   86.   The   actor   also   starred   in   a   number   of   movies      including   Dr   Zhivago   and   Carry   On   Sergeant   as   well   as   many   stage productions. He   joined   Crossroads   in   1984   as   motel   garage   boss   Harry   Maguire,   however   it   was   his   son   Pete   Maguire   (actor   Mike   McNally)   who   took   both   characters   into one   of   the   biggest   storylines   of   1985   in   the   soap   opera.   Pete   was   addicted   to   illegal   drugs,   and   disowned   by   Harry   eventually   ended   up   overdosing   and dying. Before   turning   to   acting   Bernard   had   been   a   reporter   working   for   his   hometown   paper   The   Bolton   Evening   News.   He   turned   to   acting   when   he   was conscripted   into   the   army   for   his   national   service   in   1946.   He   then   trained   professionally   with   the   Old   Vic   Theatre   School.   He   was   married   to   the   actress Patricia Haines who died in 1977 aged only 45, Bernard died at his home on 29th December 2014. Fans back Crossroads Documentary DVD Already   over   £10,000   has   been   invested   by   fan   club   team   members   including   Doug   Lambert   and   Mike   Garrett   into   the   DVD   which   aims   to   be   the   most   in depth about Crossroads, however to give fans some incentives to back the project a Kickstarter fundraising page was launched this week (Nov 11th). To   the   amazement   of   the   project   team,   lead   by   the   documentary’s   voice   over   artist   -   Glen   Allen   (of   UK   Gold   and   Channel   5   fame   to   name   a   few),   over £1100 has been raised in less than two days! The   money   will   be   used   to   add   extra   ‘exciting’   features   to   the   DVD   release   which   is   due   out   to   mark   Crossroads’   50th   at   as   an   as-yet   un-named   date   in 2015. Cast interviewed for the documentary already include Jane Rossington, Tony Adams and the shows’ first director Alan Coleman. The final total raised via Kickstarter and other donations totaled over £3000. The DVD sales itself once completed will be given to Crossroads Care. Central News airs extended feature on Crossroads anniversary November   3rd   saw   Central   News   air   a   special   feature   on   the   golden   anniversary   of   Crossroads.   The   report,   which   can   be   seen   here,   saw   Jane   Rossington and   Tony   Adams   return   to   the   ‘Crossroads   Motel’   along   with   members   of   the   Crossroads   Fan   Club,   to   discuss   and   celebrate   fifty   years   since   episode   one first aired on ATV Midlands back in 1964. Reporter Andy   Bevan   looked   back   over   classic   scenes   while   a   treat   for   fans   saw   Rossington   and Adams   reprise   their   roles   of   Jill   and Adam   Chance   reunited in a ‘special scene’ which finally gave them a happy ending. Newspapers mark Crossroads 50th anniversary Newspapers   including   the   national   publication   ‘The   Express’   and   several   regional   papers   including   The   Birmingham   Mail   and   Sutton   Coldfield   Observer have run articles on the serials’ golden anniversary. BBC   News   online   also   marked   the   landmark   date   with   a   feature   on   the   Crossroads   Fan   Club’s   gathering   at   Ramada   Sutton   Coldfield,   the   Penns   Hall   Hotel, which was used as the exterior of the Crossroads Motel in the 1980s. Crossroads 50th Special on the BBC As   usual   its   the   BBC   who   mark   a   major   Crossroads   anniversary   nationally   and   for   the   50th   BBC   Radio   2’s   Paul   O’Grady   Show   is   to   host   a   reunion   special with   Jane   Rossington   (Jill   1964-1988,   2001),   Tony   Adams   (Adam   1978-1988,   2001-2002),   Paul   Henry   (Benny   1975-1987)   and   Susan   Hanson   (Diane   1965, 1966-1987). Paul   O’Grady   will   also   be   reading   fan   memories   of   the   series   and   you   can   leave   your   own   memories   with   the   show   via   paulogrady@bbc.co.uk.   Crossroads began   on   November   2nd   1964   and   became   an   instant   hit   with   the   television   public,   less   successful   with   many   television   critics   who   compared   a   daily   serial with   a   twice   weekly   saga   -   however   over   the   decades   on   air   the   series   provided   many   ground   breaking   storylines   and   iconic   characters. The   soaps   escapist slant also provided many bizarre and outrageous moments too. The   Paul   O’Grady   Crossroads   Special   airs   on   November   2nd   from   5pm   to   7pm   on   BBC   Radio   2.   Online   at   bbc.co.uk/radio2,   on   DAB   and   on   88-91FM.   It   can be heard again here. Neil Grainger appears in BBC drama ‘Casualty’ Neil,   who   played   Phil   Berry   in   Carlton’s   reboot   of   Crossroads   from   2001-2002,   appeared   in   an   episode   of   BBC   One’s   long   running   medical   saga   Casualty   (Sat Oct   18th).   Featuring   in   the   edition   entitled   ‘The   Index   Case’   Neil   appeared   as   David   Swann   who   has   a   few   problems   concerning   an   ill   wife,   who   is   pregnant to another fella and gets worse as its discovered she is suffering from a rare terrible virus. Just a regular day in the Emergency Room then… Angus Lennie Dies Popular   actor Angus   Lennie   has   died   aged   84.   Scottish   born   Lennie   is   best   known   for   his   role   as   Shughie   McFee   in ATV’s   Crossroads   as   well   as   several   film roles, most notably in The Great Escape. “Angus   Lennie   has   died   in   a   nursing   home,   aged   84.   The   Glasgow-born   actor   was   best   known   for   his   role   in   the   classic   wartime   escape   drama but had also parts in TV favourites including Crossroads, Keeping Up Appearances and Monarch of the Glen.” - The Daily Mirror Angus   was   born   in   1930   and   spent   his   early   years   in   Glasgow,   attending   Eastbank Academy   in   the   city.   He   attended   the   94th,   1st   Shettleston,   Company   of the   Boys’   Brigade      in   his   home   city   before   taking   up   acting,   first   in   amateur   productions   before   moving   onto   repertory   theatre   across   the   UK.   He   later joined   the   showbiz   glitterati,   such   as   Bruce   Forsyth   and   Ronnie   Corbett,   at   the   Windmill   Theatre,   in   Soho,   London,   as   a   dancer   before   moving   onto television and movies. “Angus   hadn’t   been   in   the   best   of   health   for   around   five   years.   He   had   to   withdraw   from   the   Crossroads   45th   event   at   the   NEC   Birmingham in   2009,   and   was   unable   to   take   part   in   a   few   other   bits   and   pieces   there   after.   He   was   always   popular   at   events   with   fans,   having   made Shughie a great comedy character in Crossroads.” - Mike Garrett, who manages the Central endorsed Crossroads Fan Club Angus died at a nursing home in Acton, London. Angus Lennie, 18 April 1930 – 14 September 2014 Crossroads Appreciation Society appears in the Weekly News newspaper A   double   page   tribute   to   Crossroads   has   appeared   in   the   Weekly   News   newspaper.   The   publication   was   a   huge   supporter   of   Crossroads   throughout   the 1970s and 80s. The article speaks with CAS Manager Mike Garrett about the soap opera and its continued popularity during its 50th year celebrations. (June 2014) Crossroads Cabbie Dies The   Birmingham   Mail   report   that,   taxi   driver   to   the   stars,   Brian   Binns   has   died   aged   64.   From   the   1970s   onwards   Binns   ferried   a   host   of   celebrities   around the Midlands the newspaper notes. Presenters and actors working at the BBC Pebble Mill Studios and the ATV and Central studios were regulars in his cab. “TV   presenters   Chris   Tarrant,   Sally   James   and   Gary   Newbon,   chart   stars   UB40,   Frankie   Goes   to   Hollywood   and   a   string   of   Crossroads   actors were among his customers.” - Birmingham Mail The   father   of   three   also   didn’t   take   to   diva   attitudes,   he’s   noted   as   chucking   out   of   his   cab   Watchdog   presenter Anne   Robinson   when   she   got   snotty.   Binns, from Redditch, died April 23rd. “If   I   wanted   to   escape   I   gave   him   the   nod   and   he   would   rumble   in,   shirt   flapping   around   his   waist,   and   announce   he   couldn’t   wait   forever. That   gave   me   the   opportunity   to   say   I   would   have   to   go.   I   used   him   a   lot   for   work.   He   was   a   massive   man   and   that   shirt   would   always   be hanging out.” - ATV and Central Sport presenter Gary Newbon speaking to the Birmingham Mail. Unforgettable Noele Gordon to be repeated on Channel 3 - AGAIN! The   2012   celebration   of   Crossroads’   leading   lady   Noele   Gordon   is   to   be   re-shown   again   -   following   its   recent   repeat   in   March.   The   first   repeat   aired   on Channel   3   back   on   Saturday   March   22nd   at   1pm.      This   time   its   airing   at   1.30pm   on   Sunday   the   27th   April,   again   on   the   network.   The   documentary featuring interviews with friends and co-workers such as Sue Nicholls, Jane Rossington, Alan Coleman and Tony Adams will also be shown on UTV and STV. Kate O’Mara dies aged 74 Forever remembered for her glamorous roles in shows such as Dynasty and Howard’s Way, O’Mara checked-in to Crossroads in 2003 as Lady Alice Fox. Paul Henry to appear on Celebrity edition of Pointless Actor   Paul   Henry   is   to   feature   in   BBC   One’s   game   show   Pointless. The   celebrity   special   is   due   to   air   in April   2014. The   edition   is   a   1970s   special   which   sees other contestants from the decade including Tiswas’ Sally James and Anna Karen from On The Buses. Unforgettable Noele Gordon to be repeated on Channel 3 The   2012   celebration   of   Crossroads’   leading   lady   Noele   Gordon   is   to   be   re-shown   on   Channel   3   on   Saturday   March   22nd   at   1pm. The   documentary   featuring interviews with friends and co-workers such as Sue Nicholls, Jane Rossington, Alan Coleman and Tony Adams will also be shown on UTV and STV. Judy Matheson to appear at Memorabilia and ComicCon Convention In Birmingham Just   to   let   Crossroads   fans   know   that   I   am   going   to   be   a   guest   at   The   Memorabilia   and   ComicCon   Convention   at   the   Birmingham   N.E.C.   this coming   Saturday   (22nd   March)   and,   if   there   are   any   who   are   going   to   the   Convention   and   remember   the   character   Vicky   Lambert,   to   come and say hello! I have such happy memories of my time working on the show all those years ago in Birmingham! With very best wishes Judy Matheson Miriam Margolyes talks Crossroads audition Actress   Miriam   Margolyes,   who   starred   in   Crossroads   as   deranged   Mrs   Perkins   who   attempted   to   rob   the   motel,   talked   about   her   Crossroads   audition   with Graham Norton (BBC One,  21st Feb 2014). “I   have   actually   got   a   menstrual   story   if   you   like…   Did   I   tell   you   last   time   when   I   did   an   audition   for   Crossroads?   …For   those   of   you   who   may   remember   it, Crossroads was a soap opera which took place in Birmingham and I went for an audition. “As   I   was   waiting   for   my   turn   to   do   the   audition   my   period   started.   I   went   to   the   ladies   room   and   in   those   days   there   was   a   long   box   on   the wall   ‘Dr   Southall   Sanitary   Towels’   and   you   put   in   two   pennies   and   pulled   the   little   drawer   and   got   out   the   little   carton…   So   I   put   in   my   2p pulled out the little drawer and it snapped back with my finger in it. It was really painful; it tore a great gash in my finger. “I   managed   to   pull   open   the   drawer   and   extract   my   finger;   I   rushed   in   to   the   loo   and   fixed   myself   up.   Came   out   again   and   went   in   [to   the audition]   and   started   to   read   for   the   [role]   and   I   noticed   the   script   was   covered   in   blood,   the   people   I   was   auditioning   for   noticed   it   too,   I saw them looking so I said ‘I’m so sorry my period started…’” Miriam added that she did of course get the role as Mrs Perkins, who had an alcoholic husband. She later attempted to rob the motel. Nadine Hanwell directs The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Former   Crossroads   actress   Nadine   Hanwell   is   currently   directing   a   three   week   run   of The   Prime   of   Miss   Jean   Brodie   starring   former   Sky   News   presenter   Viv Creegor.   The   production   runs   from   the   18th   February   to   the   9th   March   2014   with   performances   Tuesday   –   Saturday   7.30pm   Sunday   6.30pm   at   the   Barons Court Theatre. Crossroads’ 50th Celebration in The People’s Friend Magazine The   People’s   Friend   magazine   put   together   a   wonderful   double-page   celebration   to   mark   five   decades   since   the   first   episode   of   Crossroads   hit   the   air.   A host of classic photos and information filled the special feature. (People’s Friend released February 8th) Tribute event for Stan Stennett Welsh actor and comedian Stan Stennett, best known for his long running role as Crossroads’ Sid Hooper, will be celebrated with a tribute show in April. The   celebration   of   the   life   and   work   of   Stennett,   who   died   in   November   last   year,   will   see   a   host   of   performers   pay   their   tribute   to   one   of   Wales’   best loved   entertainers.   The   show   will   feature   Johnny   Tudor,   Colin   Price,   Peter   Lewis,   Mandy   Starr,   Robert   Knight,   The   Meggitt   Dancers   and   the   Onllwyn   Male Voice   Choir   with   compères   Wyn   Calvin,   Dewi   Grifiths,   Roy   Nobel   and   Lionel   Fanthorpe.   A   Tribute   To   Stan   Stennett   takes   place   on   Wednesday   30th   April, 2.00pm at St David’s Hall, Cardiff. Three Book Suggestions... Crossroads   features   in   three   recent   books.   Firstly   we   suggest   David   Jason's   official   autobiography,   My   Life,   where   he   talks   about   his   time   with   Crossroads, Noele Gordon and the way the series was put together. On   the   'accusations   of   bad   acting'   David   Jason   notes:   "Of   course   that's   a   terribly   sweeping   generalisation   about   a   series   which   a   lot   of   the performances   and   storytelling   was   really   good.   In   defence   of   the   production   staff   and   the   cast   most   of   the   shows   'failings'   to   hit   the   mark were   the   result   of   hitting   everything   in   a   blind   hurry,   the   series   was   running   at   a   heart-attack   rate   of   five   half-hour   episodes   a   week...   And yet,   for   all   that,   it   was   a   big   hit. A   television   juggernaut,   massively   popular,   the   [regional]   network's   second   watched   show   after   Coronation Street and sometimes even capable of nudging ahead of it in the ratings." The   second   great   read   is   Armchair   Nation   by   Joe   Moran   which,   like   TV   Heaven   before   it,   looks   at   the   show   from   both   sides   -   but   most   importantly   the viewers view of it rather than the critics. "The   different   [Ch3]   regions   showed   it   out   of   synch   so   Crossroads’   Christmases   could   happen   in   the   summer   and   vice   versa,   which   added   to the   sense   that   the   motel   existed   in   a   wonky   angle   to   the   rest   of   the   universe,   unbounded   by   the   linear   tyranny   of   seasons   and   years.   During the   ITV   strike   of   1979   viewers   had   rung   ATV   daily   to   ask   what   was   happening   at   the   Crossroads   Motel.   By   the   end   of   the   1970s   its   viewing figures   had   exceeded   20   million   and   it   vied   with   Corrie   as   Britain’s   most   popular   programme,   remarkable   for   a   serial   shown   before   many people had got in from work. ....Crossroads   had   long   excited   conflicting   responses.   Some   of   the   assumed   awfulness   was   folk   legend   perpeuated   by   non-viewers....   not since its earliest days, when it was filmed in a disused cinema using theatre flats had the walls of the motel lobby wobbled.” The third is the unofficial Crossroads Quiz Book by Nigel Freestone. 350 questions on the daily saga to test your memory. "Was   the   long-running   British   soap   opera   Crossroads,   compulsive   viewing   in   your   house?   Can   you   recall   the   cast   of   memorable   characters such   a   Meg   Richardson,   Sandy   and   Benny?   Was   this   hugely   popular   British   soap   opera   one   of   your   family’s   all-time   favourite   TV   shows?   If   so, you are certain to enjoy The Crossroads Quiz Book. In   what   year   was   Crossroads   aired   for   the   first   time?   Approximately   how   many   months   in   advance   were   Crossroads   storylines   planned? Which character spoke the opening line in the first-ever episode of Crossroads? The answers to these brain-teasers and more can all be found in this new book." 2013 News Alan Coleman Dies Award winning producer and director Alan Coleman who began his television career with ATV in the sixties has died aged 76. (December 2013) Alan   Coleman   was   born   in   Birmingham,   he   began   his   career   as   an   actor,   but   ventured   into   the   world   of   television   as   a   cameraman   at   the Alpha   Television Studios   in   Birmingham,   home   of   ATV   and   ABC   Weekend.   Alan   was   the   first   director   on   Britain’s   founding   daily   serial,   Crossroads,   later   becoming   head   of Children’s Drama at ATV; before moving to Australia where he over saw such shows as Neighbours and Home and Away. Joining ATV   in   the   early   1960s   he   worked   on   many   programmes   including   pioneering   live   daytime   entertainment   series   Lunch   Box.   In   1964   he   moved   from cameraman to director bringing to life the first five-nights a-week 25-minute serial broadcast on UK television with the goings on at the Crossroads Motel. In   1974   Alan   was   headhunted   by   Reg   Grundy   and   flown   out   to   Australia   to   help   set-up   and   run   the   Grundy   Organization’s   Drama   Department.   While   with Grundy   –   now   Fremantle   Media   Australia   –   he   produced,   wrote   and   directed   many   shows   which   have   in   recent   years   become   known   as   “soap   operas”. These   include Australia’s   first   teenage-aimed   serial   Class   of   74   –   and   it’s   follow-up   Class   of   75,   Glenview   High,   female   inmate   drama   Prisoner:   Cell   Block   H and it’s male-prison spin-off, Punishment. He was also one of the leading figures in getting The Young Doctors into production. In   the   1990s   he   was   the   Executive   Producer   on   Neighbours   and   later   established   Shortland   Street   –   which   was   New   Zealand’s   first-ever   weeknight   soap.   In the   same   decade   he   returned   briefly   to   the   UK   and   joined   Thames   Television   to   produce   the   Channel   5   daily   soap   Family   Affairs.   To   mark   the   55th anniversary of ATV Alan re-joined the company as Honorary President. Stan Stennett Dies Entertainer   Stan   Stennett,   best   known   for   his   several   years   as   Sid   Hooper   in   Crossroads   has   died   aged   88.   Stan   sadly   suffered   a   stroke   a   couple   of   weeks ago, and died earlier today (16th November) in hospital. Our sympathies go to his sons and wife Betty. Stan,   described   as   ‘Wales’   Premiere   Entertainer’,   began   his   career   as   a   jazz   musician   during   the   Second   World   War,   after   a   stint   in   the Army   he   became   a full-time   entertainer   working   with   some   of   the   biggest   names   in   show   business   over   the   next   six   decades.   He   performed   on   everything   from   BBC   Radio variety shows to hit BBC One entertainment series'. He added comedy to his act in the 1950s and by the 1960s was also making moves into serious acting. His   first   love   however   was   the   theatre   and   performed   in   over   70   pantomimes   as   well   as   hundreds   of   variety   shows   across   the   country   over   the   past   six decades.   For   us   he   was   a   strong   supporter   of   Crossroads.   In   1989   he   put   together   the   25th   anniversary   celebrations   in   association   with   the   fan   club   and also shared his vast Crossroads archive and memories with us in more recent years. I   met   Stan   for   the   final   time   in   2010,   spending   two   days   in   his   company,   firstly   at   his   home   near   Cardiff,   and   the   next   day   while   he   put   on   a show   at   St   David's   Hall   in   the   city.   All   I   expected   was   an   interview,   what   I   was   given   was   the   warmest   welcome   by   Stan   and   his   wife   Betty, who   put   on   a   lovely   spread!   He   also   spent   three   hours   opening   up   all   his   Crossroads   archives   for   CAS   to   read   and   copy.   He   was   a   gent,   a professional and loved entertaining. But most of all Stan was a kind and generous man, we will all miss him at Crossroads. - Mike Garrett Jean Kent and Bruce Beeby pass away Movie   and   television   actress   Jean   Kent   has   died   aged   92.   In   the   1940s   and   50s   she   was   one   of   cinema’s   biggest   UK   stars   and   by   the   1980s   had   joined ATV’s most successful daytime serial. Born   in   Brixton   in   1929   Kent’s   career   began   as   a   child   in   the   theatre   thanks   to   appearances   with   her   variety   performer   parents   Norman   Field   and   Nina Norre.   It   lead   to   her   own   stage   career   which   she   launched   aged   thirteen   at   the   Windmill   Theatre   in   London   as   a   saucy   dancer.   However   it   was   her appearances   in   Gainsborough   melodramas   which   made   her   a   movie   star   of   the   1940s   and   50s,   starring   in   forty-five   films.   Her   movie   roles   saw   her   star alongside names such as Laurence Olivier, Stuart Granger, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Redgrave. Kent   became   a   regular   face   on   TV   with   her   first   soap   opera   role   in   ATV’s   Emergency   Ward   10   as   hospital   patient   Gillian   Blaine,   she   also   appeared   in numerous   Playhouse   strands   in   the   1960s   and   70s   and   also   BBC   serials   United!   and Angels.   Jean   would   frown   upon   sad   and   depressing   plots,   often   hoping for   something   a   little   more   harmless   and   fun.   In   1982   she   promised   to   inject   happiness   into   soap   opera   Crossroads,   which   she   felt   had   become   too   serious since the departure of lead actress Noele Gordon the previous year. She played Jennifer Lamont in the series for six months in 1982. Bruce   Beeby   who   appeared   early   in   the   series   has   also   died.   His   most   prominent   role   in   television,   according   to   The   Stage,   was   in   the   popular   daily   saga Crossroads. He played Simon Russell, one of the many rich and upmarket suitors of Noele Gordon’s Meg Richardson. Paul O'Grady goes to Venice with Crossroads Theme (November   2013)   Paul,   a   regular   promoter   of   the   Crossroads   Motel   on   his   radio   show   played   the   theme   (Sinfonia   Per   Un Addio)   to   the   Venice   episodes   by Rondo Veneziano, which were aired originally in 1983 starring Noele Gordon, Jane Rossington and Tony Adams. Sue Nicholls and JoAnne Good get Motel Nostalgic (November   2013)   Sue   Nicholls   -   best   known   these   days   for   her   long   running   role   in   top   soap   Coronation   Street   -   popped   onto   the   Alan   Tichmarsh   Show earlier   this   month   to   discuss   the   latest   Weatherfield   plots.   She   also   had   time   to   share   with   fellow   guest   JoAnne   Good   a   few   memories   of   their   time   at   the Crossroads Motel. Nadine Hanwell takes on Beatrix Potter (October   2013) And   its   fitting   that   the   actress   should   make   a   public   reading   of The Tale   of   Peter   Rabbit   as   Nadine   is   a   direct   descendant   of   Beatrix   Potter   - her great-great-grandfather was Beatrix’s great-uncle Sidney Potter. Nadine   is   delighted   to   be   reading   for   the   first   time   in   public The Tale   of   Peter   Rabbit   at   noon   on   Saturday   the   12th   of   October   as   part   of   the   Beatrix   Potter Family   Festival   which   takes   place   from   10am   to   4pm   at   St   Mary   Abbots   Church,   Kensington.   The   event   takes   place   as   part   of   the   100   year   anniversary celebrations of Beatrix Potter marrying William Heelis. Nadine   began   her   professional   acting   career   at   the   age   of   12.   She   trained   at   Corona   Stage   School,   and   has   played   numerous   roles   in TV,   theatre   and   radio. However to most of us here she'll be best known for her four years as Marilyn Hope in Crossroads. In   2002   she   opened   Nadine’s   Window   at   the   Barons   Court   Theatre   and   has   directed/produced   over   35   plays   there,   including   “Daisy   Pulls   It   Off”   that transferred   to   the   Arts   theatre   in   the   west   end.   In   2012   Nadine   resumed   her   acting   career   -   and   recently   played   the   lead   role   of   Doris   in   the   mini-series “Passing   On”   selected   for   a   Bafta   screening.   Her   book   “Nadine   Who?...and   a   dog   called   Shoe”      is   a   memoir   of   wandering   the   parks   and   streets   of   West London with her canine companion. Nadine will be speaking to BBC 94.9 this Saturday (5th Oct) at 7.20am. ( Twitter @NadineHanwell ) Crossroads Theme on Damon Albarn Show (October   2013)   Damon Albarn,   standing   in   for   Dermot   O'Leary,   on   BBC   Radio   2   discussed   the   Crossroads   theme   and   the   programme. Albarn   played   the   1965 single   release   of   Crossroads   by   Tony   Hatch   discussing   with   Paul   Simonon   how   the   chords   have   been   seemingly   an   inspiration   for   other   music   tracks.   The show aired on Saturday October 5th. Benny's Theme on Graham Norton Show (October   2013)   Paul   Henry's   1977   Benny's   Theme   ended   up   on   Graham   Norton's   BBC   Radio   2   show   on   Saturday   28th   Sept   2013. The   song   written   by   Simon   May   -   of   the   EastEnders   theme   fame   -   was   originally   part   of   the   storyline   which   saw   Benny   Hawkins' love   Maureen   Flynn   killed   in   a   road   accident.   The   track   noted   his   love   and   loss   for   his   wife-to-be.   The   song   made   the   top   40 after viewers to Crossroads asked for the music to be released. Norton featured the song as part of his feature 'I Can't Believe It's Not Better' which plays 'terrible' records. Norton   noted:   " That   was   strangely   affecting.   Well   done   Paul   Henry.   You   know   I've   never   heard   that   before, and I don't want to hear it again, but I'm pleased it entered my life for that brief moment."
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