The Crossroads Fan Club on Television, radio and in print. We   simply   haven't   the   space   to   list   every   single   edition   of   every   programme   we   have   featured   in   over   the   past   few   decades,   so   instead   here   is   a   list   of some of the main productions and publications we’ve featured in down the years. Television TV-am - Good Morning Britain - The launch of the Fan Club was discussed with John Kavyo in 1988. London Weekend Television - The Six O'clock Show - We joined in the debate on the end of Series One. John Kavyo interviewed. BBC   Television   (BBC1)   -   Open   Air   -   The   BBC   celebrated   Crossroads   as   the   show   came   to   a   close   in   1988.   John   Kavyo   interviewed   and   a   report   on   the Crossroads Fan Club was included. TVS   -   Coast   to   Coast.   The   regional   news   programme   finds   out   how   the   Crossroads   Appreciation   Society   has   been   inunated   with   letters   from   viewers missing their thrice-weekly fix of the saga after its recent departure from ITV screens. BBC Television   (BBC1)   -   Daytime   Live   (Pebble   Mill)   -   November   1989   saw   the   25th Anniversary   celebration   for   the   soap.   Simon   Cole   was   interviewed   and   a report on the Crossroads Fan Club event featured. Central   Independent   Television   -   Central   News   - A   report   on   the   Crossroads Appreciation   Society's   25th Anniversary   celebrations   for   the   soap.   John   Kavyo interviewed. TV-am   -   Good   Morning   Britain   -   Ex-Crossroads   star   Stan   Stennett   discusses   the   up-coming   fan   club   event   at   his   theatre,   which   will   celebrate   the   25th anniversary of the first episode of the recently axed soap. 1989. Yorkshire Television - The James Whale Radio Show - In 1990 James held a debate on Soap operas, John Kavyo shared his views. BSB - Stephen Cove, Simon Cole and John Kavyo were interviewed by Chris Stacey for the Galaxy Channel's series 31 West. 1991. BBC Television (BBC1) - Gloria Live - Peter Kingsman discusses Noele Gordon and the Crossroads Fan Club. BBC   Television   (BBC1)      -   Gloria   Live   -   Gloria   Hunniford   discusses   with   the   fan   club   the   news   that   Central   Enterprises   and   Crossroads   creators   Peter   Ling and Hazel Adair are trying to get a film of the saga made to the tune of £1.8 million. 1991. Meridian Television - Stephen Cove appeared on a local debate show Late Night Live for the Southern ITV region. 1993. Central   Independent   Television   -   Crossroads   30   Years   On   -   Another   landmark   in   1994   as   the   ITV   network   celebrated   the   30th   anniversary   of   the   first episode. Peter Kingsman co-presented. Anglia   Television   -   Anglia   News   -   Crossroads'   30th   anniversary   is   looked   at   and   how   the   soap   lives   on   in   the   Anglia   TV   region.   Peter   Kingsman   features. 1994. Channel   4   -   Two   Four   Productions   -   Collector's   Lot.   Peter   Kingsman   shows   Sue   Cook   his   impressive   Crossroads   archive.   He   notes   that   he   doesn't   have   a copy   of   "Meg's   famous   sitting   room   painting"   which   a   replica   of   was   released   by   Woman's   Weekly   in   the   mid-1970s.   Channel   4   were   sent   hundreds   of copies of it to pass on to Peter! 1997. Anglia   Television   -   Anglia   News   -   Another   report   from   Anglia   on   Crossroads   and   its   fan   club   in   1998   as   Peter   Kingsman   shows   the   soap   is   still   fondly remembered. Thames Television   -   Open   House   with   Gloria   Hunniford   -   In   2000   rumours   of   a   return   for   Crossroads   were   high,   so   Channel   5's   open   house   held   a   discussion on the enduring love for the soap. Peter Kingsman was a guest. Carlton-Central   Television   -   The   fan   club   featured   as   part   of   the   press-launch   of   the   new   series   (not   for   TV   broadcast).   Peter   Kingsman   represented   the fans at the event. ITN   -   ITV   News   -   A   report   on   the   'return'   of   Crossroads   to   ITV   features   on   all   the   main   ITV   News   programmes.   Peter   Kingsman   shares   his   views   on   the revival. Anglia   Television   -   Anglia   News   -   With   the   fan   club   being   based   in   their   region   the   local   news   hold   another   chat   with   Peter   Kingsman,   this   time   on   the return of Crossroads. Carlton-Central   Television   -   Crossroads   -   The   Comeback   -   A   documentary   on   the   return   of   Crossroads   was   produced   during   2000   and   2001   to   show   how much effort the production company had gone to, to recreate the Midland motel. Peter Kingsman interviewed. Carlton-Central Television   -   Central   Weekend   - The   long   running   Central Television   chat   show   discusses   the   revived   soap   opera   with   Peter   Kingsman   there to give a fans view point. Granada   Television   -   Soap   Fever   -   ITV2's   soap   news   programme.   This   edition   featured   debate   and   interviews   on   the   re-launched   soap.   Peter   Kingsman shared his views. BBC   Television   -   Soap   Chat   -   BBC   Choice's   soap   news   show.   This   2001   edition   debates   why   new   Crossroads   is   failing   to   please   the   original   fans   of   the   soap opera. Daniel Landsberger interviewed. Channel   4   -   Planet   24   -   The   Big   Breakfast.   Entertainment   report   on   the   new   Crossroads   and   why   it   fails   to   please   old   fans.   (Never   screened   -   parent company of Planet 24, Carlton, pulled the report.) London   Weekend   Television   -   It   Shouldn't   Happen   On..   A   TV   Soap   -   A   look   at   the   third   series   of   Crossroads   from   2003   and   why   it   should   never   have happened! Scott Curtis provided an interview and information. 2005. ITV3   -   TV   Towns   -   2007   A   programme   that   looked   at   the   most   popular   programmes   to   come   out   of   Birmingham.   Justin   Mason   and   Michael   Cooke   were interviewed in the old ATV Centre studios for the programme to discuss Crossroads. BBC   Television   (BBC1)   -   The   One   Show   -   the   live   daily   magazine   series   looked   back   at   memorable   television   endings   and   TV   expert   Chris   Stacey   was dispatched as the CAS spokesperson to chat about the demise of Crossroads. 2010. ITV   -   ITV   Central   News.   To   mark   the   50th   anniversary   of   Crossroads   the   Central   News   team   catch   up   with   some   fan   club   members   as   well   as   series   actors Tony Adams and Jane Rossington. 2014. Radio Talk Radio - Lorraine Kelly Show - Stephen Cove impresses Lorraine with his Noele Gordon impression. (1990s) BBC Radio Newcastle - Jon Harle Afternoon Show - Songs from the Soaps. Crossroads music information provided by Simon Tulip. (2004). Shine   Radio   -   Afternoon   Show   -   Although   ITV   didn't   do   anything   for   Crossroads,   commercial   radio   also   celebrated   40   years   since   Crossroads   started   and how the fan club has kept the memory going. Mike Garrett interviewed. (2004) BBC   Radio   West   Midlands   -   The   Late   Show   -   It   was   left   to   the   BBC   to   celebrate   Crossroads'   40th   anniversary.   Mike   Garrett   shared   his   views   on   the soap.(2005) BBC   Radio   Southern   Counties   -   Bill   Buckley   Show   -   Crossroads   debate   and   Crossroads   Quiz.   CAS   won   the   'Know   it   all   with   Knobs   On'   game.   Mike   Garrett featured. (2005) BBC   Radio   Newcastle   -   Paddy   MacDee   Show   -   Crossroads   chat   and   music   tracks   from   the   series   played.   Information   about   cast,   our   website   and   DVD   news provided by one of the fan club members, Simon Tulip. (2006) Isle   Of   Wight   Radio   - Alex   Dyke   Show   - A   discussion   with Alex   Dyke   about   the   series,   the   DVD   releases   and   Noele   Gordon's   enduring   popularity. The   station was also airing some 'mini' new editions of the soap. Mike Garrett was interviewed for CAS(2007) BBC   Radio   West   Midlands   -   Ed   Doolan   Show   -   in   a   week   of   specials   Ed   was   looking   at   'Appreciation   Society'   organisations,   and   the   first   to   be   featured   was the Crossroads Fan Club. Mike Garrett was interviewed. (2008) BBC   Radio   West   Midlands   -   Janice   Long   Show   -   Mike   Garrett   was   interviewed   for   the   fan   club   about   the   amazing   discovery   that   a   1965   episode   had   been discovered. An boss also featured. (2008) BBC   Radio   2   -   The   Paul   O'Grady   Show.   Several   weeks   worth   of   Crossroads   debate,   including   playing   the   Crossroads   Theme   Tune   for   the   Appreciation Society members and discussing memories of the cast, including Paul's favourite the reformed prostitute Vera Downend played by Zeph Gladstone. (2010) BBC   Radio   Coventry   and   Warwickshire   -   The   Vic   Minett   Afternoon   Show.   Mike   Garrett   was   interviewed   along   with   Crossroads   actor   Tony   Adams.   The programme 'celebrated' the Appreciation Society (in a week of appreciation society specials) as well as look back at the series.  (2011) BBC   Radio   Coventry   and   Warwickshire   -   The   Vic   Minett   Afternoon   Show.   Mike   Garrett   of   the   Fan   Club   and   Crossroads   actor   Tony   Adams   re-appear   for   a Bonfire week special promoting Hedgehog saftey via a spoof motel-based soap opera. (2011). BBC   Radio   WM. The   BBC   West   Midlands   radio   station   celebrated   presenter   Ed   Doolan's   30   years   with   the   network   by   revisiting   some   of   his   past   glories.   On Sunday   19th   February   2012   the   station   repeated   an   hour-long   interview   with   Noele   Gordon   from   1983   which   had   been   recorded   in   Venice.   Maria   Brabiner from the fan club and ATV spoke to Ed at the end of the repeat about the enduring popularity of Noele. Publications TV Times - Featured CAS' launch in 1988, and have been spoken of occasionally since. The Weekly News - report on the 1989 anniversary celebrations. (Oct 1989). Evening Echo - General report on how Crossroads lives on via the fan club. 1990. The Sun / The Stage (and various others) - 1991 coverage of the Central staff and the fan clubs attempt to make a film of the soap. Birmingham Mail - Peter Kingsman discusses the old and new Crossroads Motel as its revived by ITV. 2000. Birmingham Mail - Peter Kingsman discusses the return of Crossroads. 2001. Birmingham   Mail   -   Peter   Kingsman   is   photographed   at   the   Carlton   studios   as   he's   given   the   'final   official   tour'   of   the   Crossroads   Hotel,   and   is   given   what remains of the ATV picture and document archive. 2003. Express and Star - Helped with our DVD campaign. Middlesbrough Gazette - Featured CAS' DVD awareness drive in 2004. The Daily Telegraph - Their readers voted Crossroads the best TV programme of 1974, but we've assisted them with Peter Ling details. BBC News Online -  Provided information to various reporters mainly to do with the numerous axings of the recent spin-offs. Birmingham Mail - Featured the DVD petition by CAS. Croydon Advertiser - Assisted with photo information and other details concerning Peter Ling. ITV   Entertainment   News   Webpage   -   Featured   an   interview   with   CAS'   Tony   Wilson   over   the   news   that   a   DVD   was   to   be   released   of   classic   Crossroads episodes in 2005. BBC News Online - Provided information on Christmas storylines in the soap. 2006. A   'Gay   Magazine'   - Assisted   with   the   shows   history   and   also   Tony Adams   information   for   an   article   on   Crossroads   which   was   to appear in this South Coast publication. 2006., Best Of ITV, Crossroads - Information provided for a new expanded Crossroads page to the ITV web team. 2008 Cherished Television - Information provided to the website about the motel saga. Real Lives Magazine - One of the fan clubs female members is profiled for her love of the soap. 2008. Sunday Mercury - CAS online listed as 7th best 'television archive' website. 2008. ITV   Teletext      -   CAS   most   famously   featured   on   their   news   pages   when   our   patron   Jane   Rossington   called   the   new   set   for   the 2003 series "a brothel" in one of our interviews. The Independent, The Guardian, The Times and several local publications. Details provided on John Bentley, actor. 2009. Shropshire Star, Featured CAS due to the discovery of the original motel location of Walford Hall. Daily Express, covered the fan club's discovery of the original outdoor location for the recording of Crossroads. 2010. Birmingham   Mail   and   local   business   websites   noted   ATV   and   CAS   had   returned   to   Birmingham   Cathedral   to   record   an   interview   with   Jane   Rossington. 2010. The Weekly News. National newspaper story on the Crossroads Fan Club and ATV Network programme, Return to Crossroads. 2011. Birmingham   Mail,   CAS   discuss   the   fact   ten   years   have   passed   since   the   failed   remake   of   Crossroads   and   look   to   celebrating   the   show's   50th   anniversary   in 2014. 2013. Birmingham   Mail,   Midlands   Locations   on   Television,   Crossroads   feature.   The   locations   as   listed   on   this   site   feature   as   a   report   in   the   Birmingham   Mail   on places used for filming by Crossroads. Link to fan club included. 2014. The People’s Friend Magazine - a double page spread using the fan club’s ‘About Crossroads’ and ‘Series One’ pages as a basis for the article. 2014. The Weekly News. Crossroads Feature with fan club information and quotes. 2014.
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