Kings Oak Village The   original   village   used   as   Kings   Oak   was   Baschurch   in   Shropshire.   Production   notes   (click   here   to   see   some)   reveal   extensive   locations   were   to   be   spread across   this   area   including   village   lanes,   shop   fronts,   garages   and   a   car   hire   yard,   which   will   have   been   seen   in   the   programme   as   the   Night   and   Day   Car   Hire firm co-owned by Dick Jarvis and Charlie Forward. Other   villages   near   Birmingham   City   Centre   were   occasionally   used   for   location   shots,   such   as   Bournville,   Yardley,   Sutton   Coldfield,   Handsworth   and Alvechurch.   Of   the   circa   250   episodes   made   a   year   just   under   half   would   feature   some   outside   recording   inserts.   Often   weeks   worth   of   outside   scenes   were recorded in a single day's shoot. Tanworth-in-Arden   became   the   longest   running   regular   village   used   for   Kings   Oak   shoots.   From   1970   to   1988   the   Warwickshire   village   was   transformed   by ATV designers into the fictional setting of the Crossroads Motel. It is noted the final-ever scene in the series takes place on the village green.
Bristol   Road   in   Selly   Oak   was   also   used   as   part   of   Kings   Oak;   it   was   -   due   to   the   buildings   being   similar   to   the   ones   at   Tanworth-in-Arden   -   used   as   the   main shopping street. They also used parts of Cannock for surrounding areas of the village - including the canal at Cannock. The Crossroads Motel The   idea   for   Crossroads   came   from   a   sign   advertising   one   of   the   first   UK   motels   -   'The   Open   Country   Motel'   at   North   Gorley,   Fordingbridge   -   which   was noticed   by   Peter   Ling   when   traveling.   Walford   Hall,   a   Georgian   house   in   Walford   village   near   Baschurch   in   Shropshire,   was   used   as   the   Richardson   family home. Attached to the house was, and still is, the Shropshire Farming Institute - now known as Walford and North Shropshire College. The college was discovered by Reg Watson some years earlier when he was producing a documentary series, Midland Farming. These   1960s   structures   became   known   as   the   main   buildings   of   the   Crossroads   Motel   from   1965   to   1981.   The   college   estate   was   also   used   for   several   other locations   including   a   large   one-time   stately   home   nearby,   Walford   Manor   (no   longer   owned   by   the   college),   which   was   seen   as   the   manor   next   door   to   the motel. In the storyline notably once the home of Tom and Gloria Sinclair. The   Shropshire   college   also   housed   a   couple   of   agricultural   establishments.   Including   an   arable   farm,   a   dairy   farm   and   a   small-holding.   Farm   buildings   used by   Crossroads   include   for   shots   of   Mrs Ash's   farm   where   Sandy   Richardson   trained   to   become   a   farmer   before   his   motor   accident.   The   road   directly   outside the college was also used at the main Kings Oak village to Heathbury town route.
In   1981   the   Crossroads   Motel   burned   down   in   the   storyline   and   so   the   16-year   association   with   Walford   Hall   came   to   an   end.   In   1982   the   Golden   Valley Hotel   in   Cheltenham   was   used   for   outdoor   shots.   Producer   Jack   Barton   and   his   design   team   searched   the   Midlands   for   a   suitable   model. Anxious   to   base   the new   set   on   a   real   hotel   or   motel   they   went   to   enormous   lengths   to   find   it.   Many   places   seemed   at   first   to   provide   the   answer   but   there   was   always   a   snag   - noise from nearby motorway, proximity to an airport, a view of gasworks - until the Golden Valley was discovered. It   wasn't   to   last   long   however   when,   in   1984,   the   Penns   Hall   Hotel   in   Sutton   Coldfield   was   secured   as   the   new   main   motel   location.   The   TV   crew   actually used   the   fire   exit   of   the   hall   as   the   fictional   main   entrance   in   order   to   avoid   disruption   to   the   real   hotel   reception,   which   was   to   the   right   of   the   more famous television entrance. In   2006   the   canopy   was   "revamped"   and   now   looks   more   like   something   out   of   the   2003   series   of   Crossroads.   Penns   Hall   was   also   used   in   1984   as   the 'Heathbury Manor Hotel' - for this location the real entrance to the building (with an entirely different style canopy) was used for that exterior.
The   Crossroads   Motel   boasted   the   fact   it   had   its   own   runway,   with   the   character   of   Meg   Richardson   seen   teaching   Diane   Lawton   how   to   fly   small   air   crafts from   this   setting   in   the   early   1970s.   (Noele   Gordon   had   a   pilots   license   and   could   actually   legally   fly   planes.)   The   Crossroads   private   runway   was   the   long demolished Penderford airfield in Wolverhampton. When   the   motel   foyer   was   burned   down   in   1981   the   set   was   taken   to   the   Half   Penny   Green Airport   (Now   Wolverhampton Airport)   and   placed   on   a   disused runway,   where   it   was   ignited.   This   airport   was   also   used   to   build   a   fake   graveyard,   where   Meg   Mortimer's   fake   funeral   was   filmed   -   all   in   order   to   mislead the newspapers that wanted to know how Noele Gordon's character was leaving the series. The   Crossroads   Garage   was   mainly   studio   based,   but   the   actual   garage   floor   was   in   the   1980s   filmed   at   a   real   car   repair   service   centre   -   L.M.   Motors   next to   the   Northfield   Shopping   Centre   on   Bristol   Road   South,   Northfield.   The   outside   of   the   garage   had   in   the   1980s   two   locations,   before   1985   it   was   the   Shell owned   Bridge   Garage   Services   on   Stratford   Road   in   Alcester   and   after   1985   the   location   switched   to   an   Esso   Garage,   now   the   Whynot   Service   Station   on Reddicap   Heath   Road   in   Sutton   Coldfield   near   the   Penns   Hall   Hotel.   The   L.M.   Motors   petrol   station   also   appeared   in   one   scene   as   a   different   Kings   Oak garage when a car was stolen. The   Crossroads   Leisure   Centre   appeared   in   1985;   The   House   Of   Robin   Leisure   Centre   in   Quarry   Bank,   Dudley,   doubled   as   this   setting.   It   became   part   of   the Top   Notch   Leisure,   who   in   the   1990s   50%   of   the   original   building   including   the   pool   and   lounge   area   where   most   of   the   filming   took   place   for   Crossroads was demolished. The centre is currently the Fitness4less centre on Thorns Road, Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill in Dudley. The   housing   estate   near   the   motel   in   which   several   characters   lived   was   in   the   later   end   of   the   1980s   filmed   on   Fowler   Road,   Sutton   Coldfield,   a   few streets away from the Esso Garage used as the motel garage. Hospitals and Schools The   Heathbury   General   Hospital,   going   from   production   notes   from   the   1960s,   appears   to   have   also   been   a   building   in   the   estate   of   Walford   and   North Shropshire College. Kings   Oak   Junior   School   was   Baschurch   Village   School.   Kings   Oak   Secondary   School   was   Moseley   Modern   Secondary   School   in   Birmingham   in   the   1960s   and 70s and The Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School in Bournville was used as Kings Oak Secondary in the late 1980s.
Churches Baschurch   Church,   was   used   as   the   main   village   church   in   the   1960s.   The   first   of   three   weddings   recorded   there   was   that   of   milkman   Ralph   Palmer   to Christine   Fuller   in   1965.   The   1966   wedding   of   Brian   Jarvis   and   Janice   Gifford   was   recorded   at   the   Holy   Trinity   Church   Smethwick   overseen   by   Jane Rossington's older brother the Reverend John Rossington. St   Laurence's   in   Kings   Oak   was   actually The   Parish   Church   of   St   Laurence, Alvechurch,   Worcestershire. This   was   used   for   the   wedding   in   1980   of   Kevin   Banks to Glenda Brownlow, the funeral of Arthur Brownlow in 1982 and in 1983 the blessing of Jill Harvey's marriage to Adam Chance. The   other   main   Kings   Oak   church   was   St   Mary's   this   church   is   St   Mary   Magdalene   in   Tanworth   In   Arden,   first   seen   in   the programme   in   1970.   The   interior   of   this   church   was   also   used   -   previously,   the   majority   of   internal   church   scenes   were recorded with a studio set. The majority of Christmas episodes in the 1970s featured scenes at St Mary Magdalene. Whenever   a   wedding   took   place   that   wasn't   a   church   affair   the   Birmingham   Registry   Office   was   more   often   than   not   used,   it was   first   featured   in   1965   for   the   wedding   of   Tom   Yorke   and   Ruth   Bailey   in   the   series   and   then   appeared   many   times   after including for Diane and Vince Parker's ceremony and of course Meg and Hugh Mortimer's too. The office closed down in 2006. Scenes   recorded   for   the   christening   of   Sarah   Jane   Harvey   took   place   at   Four   Oaks'   All   Saints   Church.   The   1975   Christmas service was recorded at the church of St. Mary and St. Bartholomew in Hampton-in-Arden. In   1985   the   funeral   of   character   Pete   Magurie,   who   died   of   a   heroin   overdose,   took   place   at   St   Leonards   Church   of   England, Church Hill in Frankley. Birmingham   City   Centre   rarely   featured,   although   in   1975   the   City's   Cathedral   played   host   to   one   of   the   biggest   rating   episodes   -   when   Meg   and   Hugh's marriage   was   blessed   there.   St   Philips   is   the   smallest   Cathedral   in   the   UK.   Work   to   build   it   took   place   between   1705   and   1725.   It   became   a   Cathedral   in   the early 1900s. The stained glass windows are world famous, designed by Edward Burne-Jones.
Other Hotels F airlawns   was   spoken   of   during   the   entire   run   of   the   series   as   the   rival   hotel   near   Crossroads.   It   had   a   bigger   role   in   the   early   years,   but   during   the   course of   the   1970s   and   1980s   it   was   simply   spoke   of   as   a   place   to   send   guests   if   Crossroads   was   fully   booked.   Also   in   the   1980s   Valerie   Pollard   often   "escaped" from   Crossroads   to   stay   at   Fairlawns   to   avoid   her   husband   -   motel   part   owner   -   J.   Henry.   But   back   in   the   early   1960s   the   hotel   was   part   of   a   number   of major storylines, including the management trying to close Crossroads down. It was seen rarely from the outside. The   building   that   was   used   as   Fairlawns   is   now   the   "Liberty"   club   on   Hagley   Road,   Birmingham.   Liberty   is   listed   by   ''   as   being   one   of   the   most upmarket   venues   for   an   affluent   mainstream   crowd.   Within   this   large   venue   there   is   a   piano   bar,   a   gourmet   restaurant   and   disco.   Fairlawns   was   supposed to be on the same road as Crossroads, leading to the town of Heathbury. The   Droitwich   Hotel   featured   a   number   of   times   in   the   programme;   famously   when   Hugh   gave   Meg   an   engagement   ring   there   in   1973   and   of   course   they held   their   wedding   reception   in   the   hotel   two   years   later. This   location   is   still   open   and   remains   practically   unchanged   from   the   days   when   Crossroads   used the   building.   Although   it   looks   like   its   set   in   miles   and   miles   of   countryside   the   real-life   Droitwich   Hotel   is   the   Chateau   Impney   Hotel   -   just   a   few   miles south of Birmingham City Centre. The   'Impney',   built   in   1875,   is   styled   in   the   classic   French   Chateau   architecture   of   the   period.   Commissioned   by   Staffordshire   businessman   John   Corbett   - who   made   a   fortune   by   running   a   salt   works   that   produced   160,000   tonnes   of   salt   per   annum   -   the   'Impney'   was   built   as   a   present   to   his   French   governess wife who was fond of the French Chateaux in the Loire Valley.
Rivers, Canals and Lakes The   fictional   River   Slotter   runs   through   the   village   of   Kings   Oak.   In   the   1960s   and   70s   the   River   Severn,   which   runs   near   to   Baschurch   village,   became   the Slotter riverbanks. A lake near Walford Hall, again near Baschurch, also doubled for the motel lake. In   the   1980s   the   Crossroads   Motel   lake   became   a   more   frequent   feature.   It   was   previously   known   as   'Mill   Pond'   and   is   more   well   known   today   as   the   Penns Hall Lake. This carp fishery is directly behind the Penns Hall Hotel. The   Kings   Oak   Canal,   was   the   Worcester-Birmingham   Canal   which   runs   through   the   City   Centre   of   Birmingham   -   the   section   used   in   the   programme   was directly behind the rear of the former ATV studios. The canal side home of the Harvey family was located here, as was Sam ‘Carney’ Carne’s cottage. Further   up   the   canal   was   a   regular   setting   in   the   1970s   -   the   longboat.   Originally   owned   by   Jill   and   Stan   Harvey,   it   became   home   to   many   popular characters including Diane Parker, Vera Downend, Martin Bell and Jane Smith. It was moored up near the Old Turn Junction. Sutton   Park,   Sutton   Coldfield,   featured   a   number   of   times   in   the   series.   Episode   496,   one   of   the   earliest   surviving   editions,   opens   with   shots   of   the   park.   It also   appears   in   episode   1500,   with   shots   of   Carl   Wayne   wandering   around   it      -   singing   the   Crossroads   theme   tune!   These   sequences   also   show   Vince   Parker and Diane Lawton walking loving around the lakeside a day before their wedding.
Trips Away Crossroads   filmed   several   sequences   in   1965   in   Paris,   France.   Sandy   Richardson   was   seen   enjoying   the   sights   including   the   Eiffel   Tower   and   The   Moulin Rouge.   Shots   of   Sandy   on   a   ferry   heading   to   the   country   were   also   recorded. A   scene   of   Sandy   arriving   at   a   bus   station   also   features   co-creator   Hazel Adair greeting him. The   next   Crossroads   holiday   was   in   1966   as   Carlos   returned   to   Spain   to   visit   his   family,   and   show   his   friends   his   home   town.   Sequences   were   shot   in Torremolinos, Spain. Other characters featured include Marilyn Gates and Meg Richardson. 1967   saw   Crossroads   visit   London   as   Diane   Lawton   and   her   brother   Terry   along   with   Bruce   Richardson   (Meg’s   adopted   son)   headed   to   the   capital   on   train. Shots on a locomotive feature Warren Clarke as a train officer. Terry and Bruce are seen wandering around near the Houses of Parliament. The   same   year   saw   Crossroads   venture   further   abroad   with   filming   in   Tunisia.   The   storyline   saw   the   Crossroads   Motel   wrecked   by   a   bomb,   so   the   main staff headed to the country to help Hugh Mortimer open his latest venture - the Desert Coral Hotel. 1972 following a car crash a number of scenes were recorded in Coventry, including outside and inside the cathedral. 1973   saw   Diane   lose   her   son   Nicky   when   father   Frank Adams   snatched   him   and   took   the   youngster   to America.   Diane   headed   off   to   Oxford   to   hide   away. Several sequences were recorded here, including her suicide attempt on a bridge. 1983 was the last time Crossroads wandered far, far away from the West Midlands as Jill and Adam Chance headed to Venice, Italy, for their honeymoon. Other Locations The Kings Oak Public Library was Ward End Library in Birmingham. The Speedway Track in Wolverhampton featured in a storyline in the late 1960s. Endwood   Court   was   used   as   the   home   of   one   of   David   Hunter's   mistresses   in   1985.   (Interesting   to   note   this   block   of   flats   is   directly   opposite   Noele Gordon's house on Handsworth Wood Road.) Hagley Hall was the setting for the wedding reception of Jill and Adam in 1983 for a TV Times special (not seen on screen). In   the   mid-1980s   the   Birmingham   Evening   Mail   and   Post   offices   at   Colmore   Circus   in   the   city   centre   doubled   in   the   series   as   the   home   of   the   fictional regionwide Midland Gazette newspaper. The 1960s building was demolished in 2006. External   scenes   of   Isacc   Harvey's   house   (Brother   of   Wilf)   were   recorded   at   Beecher   House,   Station   Street,   Cradley   Heath.   The   building   is   now   home   to Howell   Dunn   &   Co Accountants.   Nearby   Chester   Street   was   also   used   for   scenes   concerning   Isacc,   however   this   has   radically   changed   since   the   early   1970s recordings. In   1973   St   Anne’s   Road   in   Cradely   Heath,   and   a   long   demolished   house,   were   a   major   part   of   a   storyline,   as   was   the   adjoining   foundry   as   Wilf   Harvey wandered back to his youth. The many sequences also featured Jill, Stan and Sheila Harvey. 1975   and   following Amy’s   arrest   for   shoplifting,   which   was   shot   in   Birmingham   City   Centre,   several   other   central   Birmingham   sequences   were   recorded   as Amy became homeless and wandered the city at night. The   terraced   Anglesey   street   and   Graham   Street,   in   Lozells,   featured   in   a   1985   storyline   when   motel   boss   Nicola   Freeman   returned   to   her   childhood home. Also in the same year The Flapper pub near Birmingham canal featured in a scene with Pete Maguire. Scenes   recorded   at   Castle   Donington   had   to   be   scrapped   when   Radio   Trent   announced   on   air   that   Crossroads   was   filming   in   the   area.   5000   turned   up   to watch proceedings between Jill Harvey and daughter Sarah-Jane. If you have any other Crossroads locations not listed, or know more about the ones on this page, you can contact us by email below.
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