For   the   40th   anniversary   of   Crossroads   Jane   Gurnett,   who played   hotel   Manager   Kate   Russell,   talked   to   CAS   about   her time on Crossroads between 2000 and 2003. Many    storylines    involved    Kate    over    the    series    including having   an   affair   with   hotel   chef   Billy   Taylor,   the   death   of her   husband   Patrick   and   the   hotel   falling   out   of   her   control first    to    old    flame    Vic    Barnes    and    then    pal-turned-rival Angela Samson. What are your favourite memory/memories of your time in Crossroads when it returned to production in late 2000? The times when we would all pull together and really get through the work and feel a sense of achievement. Do you visit any of the Crossroads internet sites such as Crossroads 2001 or The Crossroads Appreciation Society? No, because I'm hopeless on the computer. What was your overall favourite storyline? I didn't have one, because it just rolled one into another. Each thing affected the next event. What   was   your   opinion   of   Crossroads   2003,   much   has   been   said   of   the   timeslot   it   was   given,   particularly   since   it   was   apparently   targeting   an audience it couldn't get, but was such a massive revamp in the way it happened helpful to Crossroads' cause? I really don't know I only know that different people have different ideas and no one is trying to sabotage themselves. I   am/was   as   sad   as   anyone   that   Crossroads   came   to   an   end.   I   think   that   the   constant   changing   of   time   slots   at   the   very   beginning   of   Mark   II,   then   taking   it off for months doesn't really help. But I can't believe that anyone would try NOT to make it work. Where is the sense in that? Ultimately I work from the premise that all I can do as an actor (a small cog in the wheel) is commit to the work I do and do my best and enjoy myself. Do you keep in contact with ex cast members? Yes, quite a few. Much   has   been   said   about   how   New   Crossroads   failed   to   build   on   the   past   and   facts/continuity/style/feel   of   old   Crossroads   and   was,   to   all   intents and purposes, not "Crossroads as we remember it". How would you respond to that? Perhaps changes should have been a little slower but really it is all very well in life to be wise with hindsight. I don't blame anyone. What are your favourite TV shows? I don't watch much TV but I loved Ally McBeal and Sex and the City. What would be your dream role on stage, film or TV? I don't have one, I just love to work and have fun! What is you opinion of the 2003 axing? A great shame. In   your   opinion,   do   you   think   Crossroads   will   ever   come   back   to   UK   commercial   television   or   another   channel   in   light   of   the   spectacular   way   that Mark III failed? I doubt it. Sadly - But you never know! What are your plans for the future? Doing a play in Chichester called Three Women and a Piano Tuner. Possibly a film in October. What is your favourite music? Jazz, Classical, R&B. What are your favourite films? Green Mile, The Piano, Cry Freedom, Thin Red Line. Thank you Jane, is there anything else you would like to add for the fans? Yes, thank you, really thank you, I loved the character of Kate and so thank you for taking such an interest.
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