Welcome to the fan club guide to the Network Releasing DVDs. Click on the images below for the listing to each release. See base of this page for Soap Box and ITV60 releases containing Crossroads episodes.
General Releases  A look at the first four volumes released on general sale across the UK in retail outlets as well as online. From The Archive  A guide to the 21 releases of Crossroads which showcased the sixties and seventies episodes in transmission order. 45th Anniversary Box Set  To mark the 45th anniversary of Crossroads in 2009 Network Releasing repackaged the ‘From The Archive’ series as a complete box set. VHS Releases  In 1988 and 1995 Crossroads was released on VHS, three classic episodes were all fans could officially buy until the fabulous Network DVDs. Other Releases  Soap Box - Volume One  In 2011 Network Releasing issued Volume One of Soap Box; a collection of some of ITV's best serials. There are of course the usual top rating sagas such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale as well as old series which were popular in their day such as Emergency Ward 10, General Hospital and Gems.  One episode of Crossroads is contained on the release concerning the court case of Arthur Brownlow being accused of sexual assault.  ITV 60 - Celebrating Sixty Years of Independent Television  This 2015 release showcased some of ITV’s most famous programmes. The episode which saw Noele Gordon return to the series in 1983 in Venice featured on the celebratory release.   Crossroads on DVD was released by Network Releasing (as NetworkDVD) in a deal with Granada Ventures/ITV Studios to release a showcase of the best surviving episodes from the ATV archives.  Later an Archive Volume series was released with Crossroads’ remaining editions in broadcast order. In total 20 volumes were produced. Following the fan club noticing some episodes from the 1970s were missing a special 1.1 release was issued, following a search in the ITV Archives. This search also unearthed a previously thought lost edition from 1965.  These pages are a guide to the DVD releases, and their content, and are not commercially connected, company associated or endorsed by Network Releasing, Granada Ventures or ITV Studios.