Archive Volume One: Episode   496   from   November   1966   -   In   this   earliest   surviving   episode   Bill   Baker   proposes to   Marilyn.   Andy   pours   his   heart   out   to   Meg   about   Ruth   who   has   been   out   with   Derek Maynard searching for his wife Sarah. Meg is persuaded to model for Jimmy's mural. Episode   497   from   November   1966   -   Ruth   and   Andy's   wedding   is   back   on   and   Meg's   busy making   arrangements   at   the   motel. A   picture   in   the   paper   alarms   Kitty. Andy   asks   Sandy to be his best man. Marilyn confronts Bill about his 'wife'. Episode   498   from   November   1966   -   Bill   is   dissuaded   from   marrying   Marilyn,   which   is what   she   wants.   Sandy   worries   about   his   best   man   speech. A   race   to   save Angela's   sight is on. Episode   499   from   November   1966   -   Sandy   takes   the   witness   stand   over   Miss   Tatum’s dog. Meg sits for Jimmy's mural and breaks up a fight between Sandy and Carlos. Episode   500   from   November   1966   -   Meg   is   in   a   foul   mood   and   Carlos’   highly-strung personality   gets   the   better   of   him   as   the   kitchen   descends   into   chaos.   Marilyn   gets   to see a squad of soldiers strut their stuff on the parade ground. Episode    986    from    November    1968    -    Diane    is    appalled    at    Marcus’    business    ethics. Nathanial   recites   a   ghost   story   for   Meg   and   Malcolm   in   the   cottage.   Miss Tatum   receives hospital   visitors   and   gets   inundated   with   work.   Ex-con   George   visits   Vince   in   search   of work and accommodation. Episode   1009   from   January   1969   -   With   Vince   Parker   in   hospital   after   the   accident,   Meg receives notification of criminal proceedings against her for dangerous driving. Episode   1182   from   November   1969   -   Commander   Boone   is   searching   for   his   daughter and   her   boyfriend. Archie   gets   into   trouble   when   his   workmen   don’t   clear   up   the   mess they make. Episode   1192   from   November   1969   -   Archie   comes   to   an   arrangement   with   Diane.   Meg is   confined   to   bed   after   being   taken   ill   at   Tessa’s   wedding.   Is   her   illness   all   it   seems   to be? Episode   1304   from   May   1970   -   Amy,   Diane   and   Mr   Lovejoy   consider   the   prospect   of winning   the   pools.   George   Baxter   returns   unexpectedly   with   consequences   for   Claire Thomas. Episode   1366   from   September   1970   -   Meg   is   away   and   Mr   Lovejoy   is   left   running   the motel.   All   is   not   well   with   the   staff,   however,   and   a   dispute   between   Mr   Booth,   Amy and   Vi   turns   nasty. A   stranger   turns   up   in   the   kitchen   claiming   to   have   planted   a   bomb there. Nick makes Mr Lovejoy a proposition. Episode   1481   from April   1971   - Alan   escapes   a   prison   sentence   and   gets   off   with   a   fine; he discusses his future with Meg. Vince and Diane’s relationship hits a rocky patch. Episode   1495   from   May   1971   -   Sandy   tries   to   revive   a   lady   who   has   collapsed   in   front   of him;   he   succeeds   but   is   surprised   to   find   her   suffering   from   amnesia.   Mrs   Hope   asks   Mr Booth back to her place to watch the ballet. Episode   1674   from   March   1972   -   Amy   and   Miss   Tatum   settle   their   differences   over   Wilf only   to   find   that   he   has   found   himself   a   new   dancing   partner.   Harry   Wade   is   back negotiating   with   Cyril   but   is   told   to   bring   Sheila   Harvey   to   dinner   as   part   of   the arrangement. Jill and Sheila have a miserable time in Vera's salon. Episode   1688   from   April   1972   -   David   Hunter   has   an   upsetting   phone   conversation   with Rosemary.   After   handing   over   some   old   items   for   a   jumble   sale   Meg   tells   off   Sandy   for eating toast in reception. Episode   1736   from   July   1972   -   Meg’s   sister   is   struggling   without   an   assistant   so   she sends   across   Keith   Westley   to   help.   He's   streets   ahead   of   her   previous   assistant   and even manages to charm Amy Turtle! Special Release - Volume 1.1: We're   incredibly   proud   of   this   release.   For   years   the   Crossroads   Fan   Club   has   believed there   were   full   black   and   white   ITC   film   episodes   in   storage.   ITV   finally   took   our suggestion   seriously   to   check   the   film   vaults,   and   the   result   was   an   amazing   find. Originally   there   were   more   ITC   episodes,   but   over   time   some   seemingly   (since   1986) have    gone    missing.    What    did    survive    however    were    two    from    1973    -    as    we    had suspected   (although   we   knew   their   previously   had   been   a   full   week   of   four   at   one point). What   no   one   realised   was   that   the   Granada   Ventures   team   would   unearth   an   episode from   early   1965.   The   ITC   library,   we   also   discovered,   hold   many   film   inserts   for   the show including footage from 1966 and 1967 recorded in Spain and Tunisia. Episode   126   from   April   1965   -   Philip   gets   a   surprise   visitor,   recently   released   from   jail. A   leather-clad   Carlos   is   full   of   enthusiasm   for   his   impending   trip   to   Malvern,   but   he ends   up   hiding   out   in   an   exclusive   girls’   school.   Meg   entertains   Hugh   with   her   imitation of a Brummie accent. Episode   1884   from   March   1973   -   Sheila   returns   home   to   a   warmer   reception   from   Wilf than   she   expected.   Timothy   and   Kevin   discuss   Meg’s   eligibility   for   marriage   and   end   up making   a   gentlemen’s   bet   to   see   who   gets   her   first.   It’s   Jane’s   first   day   at   the   motel and she mistakes David for a guest. Episode   1886   from   March   1973   -   Vera,   the   victim   of   sinister   phone   calls,   is   encouraged by   Sid   Gilbert   to   confide   in   him.   Timothy   and   Kevin’s   bet   to   catch   Meg   continues, though   she   has   thwarted   them   both   by   disappearing   to   the   Hotel   Droitwich   for   the week. Vera’s watch is stolen. Volume Two: Episode   1754   from   August   1972   -   Amy   clashes   with   Alice   Loomis.   The   motel   staff   are reeling from the news of Sandy's accident. Meg is dismayed at Liz's revelation. Episode   1755   from August   1972   -   In   a   moment   of   closeness   with   Sheila,   Diane   confesses that   there   was   nearly   a   time   when   she   had   an   abortion.   The   hospital   vigil   for   Sandy continues, as Wilf insists that trouble always comes in threes... Episode   1756   from   August   1972   -   Everyone   at   the   motel   awaits   news   about   Sandy,   and Meg   is   told   that   he   will   never   walk   again.   Timothy   Hunter   leaves   the   hospital   and   is blamed for the accident by Chris. Vince Parker's father turns up at Miss Tatum's shop. Episode   1757   from   August   1972   -   Diane   is   shocked   by   the   unexpected   arrival   of   Vince's father,   as   is   Vince   who   hasn't   seen   him   in   many   years.   David   Hunter   breaks   the   news   to Timothy that Sandy will be paralysed for life. Episode   1758   from August   1972   -   Meg   is   still   deeply   distressed   over   Sandy's   accident   and the   ward   sister   asks   David   for   help.   Vince   tries   to   reconcile   with   his   father. Tish   accepts Ted's proposal. Episode   1759   from   September   1972   -   Sandy   awakes   from   unconsciousness   to   be   told about    the    accident    and    his    paralysis.    Mrs.    Loomis    apologises    to   Amy.    Meg    meets Timothy Hunter at Coventry Cathedral. Episode   1817   from   November   1972   -   In   the   wake   of   Diane   and   Vince's   separation,   Vera asks   Wilf   to   help   in   the   purchase   of   a   houseboat   for   both   her   and   Diane   to   live   on. Sandy's recovery is enlivened by the presence of an attractive physiotherapist. Episode   1868   from   February   1973   -   Sandy   breaks   up   a   knife   fight   between   two   girls   by charging   them   with   his   wheelchair.   Vera   and   Diane   have   fallen   out   and   Jill   is   suffering from a fit of the miseries. Episode   1890   from April   1973   -   Wilf   is   in   a   foul   mood   and   Jill   is   concerned   for   him.   Cliff seeks    personal    advice    from    Vera.    Rosemary    Hunter    arrives    at    the    motel    and immediately starts an argument with David. Episode   1891   from   April   1973   -   Jill   suffers   an   electric   shock   from   one   of   the   pieces   of salon   equipment.   Hugh   Mortimer   makes   his   move   on   Meg   and   books   a   nice   quiet   table for two at the Hotel Droitwich. Episode   1892   from April   1973   -   Sheila   has   confessed   to   Wilf   that   she's   having   Roy's   child and   he   is   appalled.   Sandy   convinces   Chris   Hunter   to   change   his   mind   and   go   back   to school. Episode   1895   from April   1972   -   David   persuades   Rosemary   to   see   a   doctor.   Wilf   and   Stan debate   abortion   whilst   Jill   considers   adoption.   Diane   ditches   Cliff   Leyton.   Meg   and Hugh say their goodbyes. Episode   1900   from   April   1973   -   Kathie   is   perturbed   by   the   arrival   of   a   mystery   letter   - Meg   advises   her   to   involve   the   police.   Vince   confesses   to   Vera   that   he's   been   having   a bad time lately. Sheila seeks some sensitive advice from Diane. Episode    1905    from    May    1973    -    Wilf    is    stunned    when    Sheila    tells    him    that    she's considering   adoption.   Sandy   has   a   problem   with   money,   and   David   has   a   problem   with   a new member of staff who Sandy has appointed. Episode   1924   from   June   1973   -   Mr.   Crawford   purposely   ignores   a   packing   crate   that's just   arrived   but   is   overjoyed   at   its   contents   when   Kathie   finally   opens   it.   Amy   is appalled when she is accused of stirring up trouble. Episode   1925   from   June   1973   -   Meg   and   Joan   discuss   the   implications   of   helping   the victims    of    crippling    accidents.    David    Hunter    tries    to    persuade    Meg    to    make    an investment that she's very uncomfortable with. Volume Three: Episode   1927   from   June   1973   -   Amy   pesters   Meg   to   let   her   off   work   early   for   a   beer- tasting   session.   The   session   descends   into   anarchy,   however,   when   a   very   drunk   Miss Tatum shows the others a special skill.. Episode   1942   from   July   1973   -   When   his   brother   becomes   seriously   ill,   Wilf   becomes exceptionally   happy   -   so   much   so   that   Sheila,   Stan   and   Jill   become   concerned   for   his new zest for life. Amy has concerns about Vince's solitary habits. Episode   1946   from   July   1973   -   Vince's   date   with   Lorna   hits   a   rocky   patch   before   it   even starts.   Uncle   Isaac   gets   a   visit   from   the   Salvation   Army   band.   Amy   gets   her   bottom spanked in public by a figure from the past.. Episode   1961   from   August   1973   -   Vince   apologises   to   Don   for   his   previous   behaviour. David   is   annoyed   when   his   transistor   radio   stops   working.   Sally   asks   Vera   for   advice   on how to make her hair look less dowdy. Episode   1969   from   August   1973   -   Don   is   put   on   the   spot   when   Patricia   asks   him   if   he wants   to   go   through   with   the   marriage.   Vera's   godson   Martin   plays   on   her   emotions   to stop being sent back to his dreaded Aunt Bertha. Episode   1971   from   August   1973   -   Wilf   and   Stan   have   a   birthday   drink   with   a   misery. Sheila    buys    herself    a    wedding    ring    in    order    to    stop    the    idle    chatter    about    her impending birth. David has his hands full with a predatory Italian lady... Episode   1976   from   September   1973   -   While   Sandy   mopes,   Meg   has   a   minor   domestic argument   with   Hugh   over   breakfast.   Don   and   Pat's   wedding   increasingly   becomes   taken over by her interfering, but well-meaning, mother. Episode   1977   from   September   1973   -   Don   is   appalled   to   find   out   that   his   nice   quiet wedding   is   now   expanding   to   ridiculous   proportions,   thanks   to   his   mother-in-law-to-be. Hugh and Meg hunt for a new house to move into once they're married. Episode    1978    from    September    1973    -    Martin    is    concerned    for    his    prospects    and convinces   Jane   that   he's   on   the   run   from   the   Mafia.   Don's   impending   mother-in-law trouble increases and Amy tells Hugh a secret. Episode   1979   from   September   1973   -   David   makes   a   faux   pas   with   a   Swedish   VIP,   who just   happens   to   be   female,   blonde   and   gorgeous...   Vera   lays   down   the   law   to   Martin and threatens to throw him out. Episode   1980   from   September   1973   -   Amy   is   appalled   at   the   lack   of   gossip   currently emanating   from   the   kitchen.   Sandy   finds   out   that   the   anniversary   of   the   motel   opening is imminent and plans a surprise for his mother. Episode   1981   from   September   1973   -   Plans   for   Sandy's   anniversary   party   proceed apace,   but   keeping   the   secret   from   Meg   is   harder   than   he   anticipated.   Mrs.   Witton teeters on the edge of a nervous breakdown and tries to hand in her notice to Meg. Episode   2012   from   November   1973   -   David   finds   Mrs.   Bullock   collapsed   on   the   floor   with a   head   injury.   A   problem   with   two   Oriental   guests   who   can't   speak   English   is   solved   by Mrs. Cunningham, who speaks English at them - loudly and clearly. Episode   2013   from   November   1973   -   Jill   feels   guilty   after   telling   Sheila   that   Roy   has been   looking   for   her.   Vince   feels   guilty   as   he   knows   he   can't   adequately   provide   for   the new flat, now that he and Diane have got back together again. Episode   2014   from   November   1973   -   In   a   fit   of   guilt,   David   offers   Mrs.   Bullock   the   job as   his   new   housekeeper.   Jill   and   Stan   become   frantic   when   Sheila   doesn't   return   home with the baby at the agreed time. Episode   2015   from   November   1973   -   Sheila,   disillusioned   with   King's   Oak   generally   and Stan   and   Jill   especially,   tries   to   get   a   job   away   from   the   district.   A   tall,   dark   and handsome stranger arrives at the motel looking for Meg.. Volume Four: Before   episode   2519,   which   comes   from   the   WestWard   TV   archive,   we   are   treated   to how   the   line-up   for   ITV   looked   on   that   evening   back   in   1976   with   the   full   WestWard continuity announcements before Crossroads begins. Just   for   those   curious;   the   edition   of   Crossroads   was   taped   in   error   by   WestWard   TV when   they   left   their   tape   running   beyond   6.30pm.   The   recording   in   question   was   only supposed   to   record   the   local   WestWard   News   programme   which   aired   in   the   slot   before Crossroads. Episode   2018   from   November   1973   -   Vince   and   Diane   get   drunk   on   sherry   -   Vince   gets frisky   but   Diane’s   not   so   keen,   a   situation   which   soon   erupts   into   a   major   domestic argument. Jill and Stan are kept awake at nights by the baby’s restlessness. Episode   2028   from   December   1973   - After   extensive   hospital   tests,   the   seriously   ill Amy is   discovered   to   be   suffering   from   malaria.   Jane   interrupts   a   barefoot   Sandy   conducting an imaginary orchestra. Episode   2173   from   August   1974   -   Diane   is   alarmed   about   Vince’s   allegations;   Vera returns   to   find   that   she   has   moved   out.   Wilf   Harvey   and   Myrtle   quarrel.   Jill   is   in hospital   about   to   give   birth.   Cliff   Leyton   leaves   the   motel   and   asks   Diane   to   go   with him. Episode   2174   from   August   1974   -   Wilf   is   being   pestered   by   Myrtle   to   change   pubs   and it’s   not   long   before   Myrtle   and   Amy   indulge   in   some   barbed   conversation.   A   newly returned Vince is shocked to find out that Diane is about to get married. Episode   2247   from   December   1974   -   Meg   and   Hugh   reminisce   about   1974.   Mr.Booth challenges Shughie to pipe in the new year with a rendition on the bagpipes. Episode   2262   from   January   1975   -   Stan   is   miffed   at   Shughie   when   his   thoughtless comments   put   Wilf   into   a   sulk.   Hugh’s   new   business   deal   may   not   be   quite   the   sure thing that he leads Sandy to believe it is. Episode   2293   from   March   1975   -   Meg   has   a   major   row   with   Hugh   over   the   insurance money   he’s   trying   to   claim   from   Stan.   Unfortunately   Meg’s   anger   stops   her   from   seeing just how grief-stricken Amy is. Shughie has women trouble. Episode   2294   from   March   1975   - Amy’s   grief   is   causing   her   to   do   strange   things   and   she gets   arrested   for   shoplifting.   Jane   is   concerned   that   the   payment   for   Hugh’s   painting   is coming from the motel insurance. Episode   2301   from   April   1975   -   Meg   and   Hugh’s   big   day   finally   arrives   as   they   tie   the knot and bring Birmingham to a standstill. Episode   2302   from April   1975   - As   the   wedding   reception   is   in   full   flow,   Diane   returns   to the motel to claim her old job back; David, however, has other ideas. Episode   2450   from   December   1975   -   David,   who   normally   frowns   on   the   holiday   season, is   looking   forward   to   Christmas.   Meg   is   missing   Sandy.   Jill   discusses   her   distrust   of   Hugh with Stan. Episode   2451   from   December   1975   - The   residents   of   King’s   Oak   gather   in   church   and   at the motel for Christmas celebrations. Everyone, that is, except Ted Hope. Episode   2506   from   March   1976   -   David   comes   into   conflict   with   Bill   Warren   over   the   bar renovations.   His   mood   gets   no   better   when   he   is   paid   a   visit   by   Dr.   Farnham,   who’s getting increasingly concerned over Lia’s behaviour. Episode   2518   from   April   1976   -   David   becomes   increasingly   concerned   when   Lia   begins to   send   him   threatening   letters.   She   then   turns   up   at   the   motel   bar   and   causes   a   scene. Diane is surprised to find out that Benny is trying to track down his father. *Episode   2519   from   April   1976   -   Tom   Reed   gets   into   a   heated   argument   with   Benny’s gran   over   his   welfare.   Sheila   comes   info   conflict   with   both   Vera   and   Mrs.   Witton   over her moonlighting. Lia goes missing. *Domestic recording. Episodes 2523/4/5/6 Compilation from April 1976 Two   decades   after   being   involved   in   the   massacre   of   innocent   civilians   in   Malaya   whilst on   National   Service,   David   Hunter’s   past   catches   up   with   him   when   he   is   stalked   by   the sole survivor... Benny comes into a lot of money and Miss Diane is concerned.  Volume Five: Episodes   2527/8/9/30   Compilation   from   May   1976   -   Diane   tries   to   convince   Ed   that Benny   should   be   a   partner   in   the   farm,but   he   has   his   doubts.   David   tries   to   entice   Kelly to a riverside picnic. Vera is mugged for the cashbox she was carrying. Episode   2581   from   August   1976   -   Mrs.   Witton   accuses   Glenda   of   theft,   David   sets   up dinner   plans   he   will   come   to   regret   and   Sandy   has   to   deal   with   an   old   woman   who   had expected to die before her bill became due for payment. Episode   2582   from August   1976   -   David   has   to   explain   Bob's   outrageous   behaviour   from the   previous   nightís   meal.   Stephanie   gets   a   gentleman   caller   at   her   flat   while   Vera   is given a lesson in boutique economics. Episode   2583   from   August   1976   -   Glenda   and   Vera   discuss   Rita   Witton's   trouble-stirring behaviour.   Mrs.   Witton   takes   her   suspicions   of   theft   to   Sandy   but   he   is   reluctant   to involve the police. Episode   2602   from   September   1976   -   While   Meg   tries   to   decide   whether   sheís   either being   blackmailed   or   bribed   by   Sir   Hector   Prince,   she   expends   her   wrath   about   the potential   scandal   on   Rex   Oliver.   Hugh   appals   David   with   his   plans   for   a   new   disco   at   the motel. Episode   2603   from   September   1976   -   Hilary   confesses   to   Meg   that   she's   being   brought up   on   charges   of   professional   misconduct.   Rex   is   asked   out   on   a   lunch   date   by   a predatory woman with curious intentions. Episode   2622   from   October   1976   -   David   accuses   Hugh   of   waging   a   campaign   to   oust him   from   the   motel   in   favour   of Anthony,   Hughs   son.   Stan   finds   his   skills   in   demand,   but is he prepared to put up his house as collateral in a business venture? Episode   2651   from   December   1976   -   It's   high   intrigue   at   the   motel   when   Faye   is   left   a mysterious   phone   message   by   a   man   from   Moscow.   Ed   complains   to   Diane   that   he doesn't like the cut of his new undergarments, but Benny thinks they look lovely. Episode   2653   from   December   1976   -   Stan   lays   down   the   law   when   Jill   drives   their   baby around   without   using   a   proper   child   seat.   Meg   broaches   a   sensitive   subject   with   Sandy. Sandy reciprocates. Episode   2654   from   December   1976   -   Carney   tries   to   placate   Vera   while   Jane   gives   Faye her   thoughts   on   the   commercialisation   of   Christmas.   Benny's   awful   grandmother   takes advantage of Diane's good nature. Episode   2655   from   December   1976   -   Faye's   telephone   messages   from   Moscow   have unforeseen   repercussions   and   Meg   asks   her   to   break   the   news   gently   to   Sandy.   Stan   and Jim have an argument about their divergent business philosophies. Episode   2656   from   December   1976   -   Meg   is   concerned   about   Sandy's   reaction   to   Faye's news   but   he   takes   it   on   the   chin.   Jim   and   Stan   show   deep   appreciation   for   their   new calendar    while    Benny    is    more    concerned    about    what    to    do    with    his    gran    over Christmas. Episode   2657   from   December   1976   -   Mrs.   Hope   organises   the   Christmas   decorations while   David   discusses   her   upcoming   marriage   with   Faye:   a   bit   of   domination   will   do   you good in these days of sex equality.
Archive Releases 1965-1979: Volume 1 - 10
Crossroads From The Archive and 45th Anniversary Set A   television   milestone,   Crossroads   (in   its   original   incarnation)   ran   for   three   decades   and   became a   staple   part   of   Britain’s   popular   culture.   Many   of   its   shows   have   now   been   lost   forever   but   in Crossroads Archive   Network   DVD   and   Granada   Ventures   have   created   a   series   of   ongoing   releases which will feature all remaining episodes, in order. The   DVDs   now   contain   sixteen   episodes   per   release   rather   than   twelve.   Although   Volumes   Four and   Five   contain   a   total   of   nineteen   episodes   -   as   these   include   omnibus   editions.   The   original archive releases were packaged as a box set in 2009 to mark Crossroads’ 45th anniversary. Volume 4, Volume 11 and Volume 14 contain extras. Volumes 11-20 can be found here.
Archive Volume Six: Episode    2658    from    December    1976    -    Clive    grudgingly    takes    personal    advice    from Carney.   Benny   surprises   Ed   and   Diane   by   trimming   up   the   living   room,   then   he   breaks the news that he’s invited his senile Gran to stay with them for Christmas. Episode   2660   from   December   1976   -   David   gets   frisky   with   Vera   when   he   discovers   her wearing   a   mistletoe   brooch.   Benny   regales   the   house   with   a   burst   of   God   Rest   ye   Merry, Gentlemen while Stan gets a turkey-related shock from Jim. Episode   2661   from   December   1976   -   Meg   makes   David’s   Christmas   by   telling   him   that Anthony   will   be   staying   permanently   in   New   York.   Stan   laments   the   fact   that   his   next meal is still turkey-centric. Vera has a bit of a chat with Gus. Episode   2674*   from   January   1977   -   Vera   is   worried   when   Clive   stays   out   overnight, Benny   ponders   ownership   of   a   caravan   and   David   comes   into   conflict   with   Rosemary when   she   confesses   that   she   has   designs   on   a   directorship   of   the   motel.   *Domestic recording. Episode   2680*   from   January   1977   -   Jim   and   Stan   have   strong   words   about   the   direction the   business   is   taking.   Vera   becomes   upset   as   she   helps   Clive   pack   his   things,   and Benny confesses to Josie that he’s scared of his Gran. *Domestic recording. Episode   2687   from   February   1977   -   David   and   Rosemary   weigh   up   the   pros   and   cons   and ponder   on   whether   they   should   re-marry.   Benny   spends   time   wrestling   with   a   jigsaw while Ed tries his best to sell Gran’s cottage. Episode   2688   from   February   1977   -   Frank   decides   that   he   will   become   the   power behind   the   throne   for   Stan   and   his   business.   Rosemary   has   a   heart-to-heart   with   Sandy and drops a few none-too-subtle hints about David. Episode   2689   from   February   1977   -   Vera   has   a   serious   talk   with   Mrs.   Merrow   about Clive.   Jim   winds   Frank   up   so   much   that   a   blow   is   exchanged.   Stan   explains   his   plans   for expansion and Meg agrees to be guarantor for a bank loan. Episode   2690   from   February   1977   -   Vera   gets   the   feeling   that   Meg   knows   her   little secret.   Stan   has   words   with   Jim   when   he   nearly   makes   him   late   for   an   appointment, and   Diane   gets   annoyed   with   Benny   when   she   finds   out   he’s   letting   Josie   stay   at   the cottage. Episode    2816    from    September    1977    -    Meg    is    surprised    when    Anthony    returns unexpectedly.   Stan   and   Sheila   intend   to   sell   the   boat   -   Sheila   is   given   first   refusal   but can   she   find   the   money?   The   Chaudris   get   a   shock   when   an   unexpected   visitor   calls   at their house. Episode   2817   from   September   1977   -   Max   puts   the   moves   on   Vera   but   she’s   concerned as   to   what   Diane   will   think. Anthony   pays   a   visit   to   Jill   and   laments   the   lack   of   sex   and violence in New York. Episode   2818   from   September   -   Sandy   gets   to   grips   with   Toni   Ross   -   David’s   temporary replacement.   In   the   midst   of   packing   for   a   trip   to   Delhi,   the   Chaudris   are   presented with a dilemma of upsetting proportions. Episode   2819   from   September   1977   -   Sandy   hectors   Jill   about   her   dependency   on   retail therapy   to   combat   her   depression.   He   then   turns   on   the   charm   with   Toni,   but   she   is feeling very self-conscious about her employment. Episode   2820   from   September   1977   -   Max   plays   the   field   -   one   minute   he’s   giving   Vera his   house   key,   the   next   he’s   making   a   date   with   Diane. Anthony   is   still   casting   around   in the hope of finding an amusing diversion. Episode   2821   from   October   1977   -   Diane   is   beginning   to   see   through   Vera’s   story   and suspects   that   something   is   happening   between   her   and   Max.   While Anthony   is   overjoyed at meeting Jill’s au pair, Sandy spends his time hiding from Lynn Baxter. Episode   2822   from   October   1977   -   Toni   makes   a   fool   of   herself   when   she   accuses   Lillian of   rummaging   through   her   personal   effects.   Diane’s   suspicions   become   stronger,   leading to a confrontation with Vera. Archive Volume Seven: Episode   2823   from   October   1977   -   Diane   has   a   final   showdown   with   Vera   over   Max. Anthony,   sporting   a   lovely   green   cravat,   decides   that   he’ll   only   stay   at   the   motel   for another month. Sandy is surprised to find that Anthony has made up with Jill. Episode   2824   from   October   1977   -   Toni   hatches   a   plan   designed   to   make   Sandy   take things   a   little   easier   -   unfortunately   it’s   to   do   with   Lynn   Baxter,   whom   he   has   been studiously avoiding. Carney has a bit of a cough. Episode   2825   from   October   1977   -   Benny   pays   Carney   a   visit   and   eats   most   of   his biscuits   whilst   canvassing   holiday   advice.   Diane   and   Max   cause   a   scene   in   Reception while Anthony takes Jill out for a night on the town. Episode   2826   from   October   1977   -   Jane   lectures   Sandy   on   his   dietary   habits.   The ravages   of   old   age   are   brought   home   to   Benny   as   he   watches   Carney   trying   to   put   on his shoes. Jill and Anthony have a moment of weakness... Episode   2827   from   October   1977   -   Sandy’s   curious   as   to   why   Anthony   turned   up   at Reception   at   4am   but   is   sidetracked   when   he   compels   Carney   to   eat   a   breakfast   cooked by his mother. Diane tries to have a bit of a word with Vera, but Vera’s not interested. Episode   2828   from   October   1977   -   Diane   explains   to   Vera   that   Max   is   doing   something far   more   devious   than   playing   both   of   them   against   each   other.   Carney   butters   up   Meg over her cooking while David makes a surprise return to the motel. Episode   2829   from   October   1977   -   Diane   and   Vera   move   into   a   motel   chalet   together and   take   the   opportunity   for   some   small   revenge   on   Max.   Meg   confi   des   her   worries about   Jill   to   Anthony   while,   later,   she   mistakenly   leads   Toni   to   believe   that   she   can stay on now David has returned. Episode   2830   from   October   1977   -   Meg   becomes   increasingly   concerned   over   Jill’s behaviour.   Benny   nursemaids   Carney   and   refuses   to   let   him   go   to   work   in   his   condition. David tells Sandy about his plans for Toni. Episode   2868   from   December   1977   -   Benny,   Carney   and   Jane   rush   to   the   hospital   after Maureen   is   hit   by   a   car.   Jane   confesses   to   Sandy   that   she’s   having Anthony’s   love   child. Sandy brightens the mood by announcing his engagement. Episode   2869   from   December   1977   -   Sandy   is   still   basking   in   the   glow   of   his   engagement announcement.   Kate   is   pleased   with   herself   when   Tony   asks   her   out   for   a   meal.   Carney and   Ed   try   to   cheer   Benny   up   but   fail   miserably   when   he   announces   that   Maureen   has just died. Episode   2870   from   December      -   Carney   and   Ed   are   concerned   for   Benny’s   mental   state. Benny   visits   Maureen’s   family   to   break   the   bad   news.   Kate   asks   David   if   he   minds   her getting a second job at the casino. Episode   2871   from   December   1977   -   Stan   and   Jill   discuss   the   impending   legal   situation. Meg   and   David   have   a   good   laugh   at   some   customers,   though   David   confesses   that   he’s a   bit   concerned   over   Tony’s   influence   on   Kate.   Anthony   tries   to   do   the   gentlemanly thing. Episode   2872   from   December   1977   -   Sandy   takes   Lynn   on   a   trip   to   buy   her   engagement ring.   Lucy   gets   prickly   with   Tony   and   they   have   a   heart-to-heart.   Meg   goes   into   shock when Stan tells her about Anthony’s proposal to Jill. Episode   2873   from   January   1978   -   Sandy   and   Lynn   ponder   whether   their   wedding   should be   in   a   church   or   a   registry   office.   David   asks   them   where   they   intend   to   live   but they’ve no idea. Anthony confesses his plans to Sandy. Episode   2874   from   January   1978   -   Lucy   is   decidedly   unhappy   with   her   mother   after   she catches   her   kissing   Tony.   Lynn’s   parents   make   a   surprise   visit   to   their   daughter   while Jim and Sharon clean up the garage in anticipation of Mr. Osimoto’s visit. Episode   2875   from   January   1978   -   Stan   becomes   concerned   when   he   finds   out   that   Jim dealt   with   Mr.   Osimoto   during   his   visit.   Stan   tells   Meg   that   Jill   has   taken   their   daughter and run off to live with Anthony. Lynn’s parents disapprove of her marriage to Sandy. Archive Volume Eight: Episode   2876   from   January   1978   -   Carney’s   lapse   of   social   etiquette   gives   Jane   a momentary   shock.   Stan   and   Ingrid   come   to   an   understanding,   whilst   Lynn’s   parents continue    to    believe    that    their    daughter    should    not    marry    Sandy    under    any circumstances. Episode   2877   from   January   1978   -   Kate   is   surprised   when   Rick   turns   up   out   of   the   blue. Meg   is   both   surprised   and   shocked   to   discover   that   Jill   is   with Anthony.   Sandy   begins   to fume   but   Meg   makes   him   promise   not   to   interfere,   even   when   Anthony   pays   a   surprise visit. Episode   2878   from   January   1978   -   Stan   and   Sharon   await   the   repercussions   of   the Osimoto   situation,   but   things   aren’t   as   bad   as   they   fear.   David   has   an   awkward   moment with Rick, whom Kate stills believes has an agenda. Muriel goes a bit tonto. Episode   2879   from   January   1978   -   In   an   atmosphere   of   curiously   tense   sexuality,   Ingrid and   Stan   indulge   in   a   philosophical   dialogue   on   the   meaning   of   life.   Lynn   confesses   to Sandy that she is very disappointed in her parents’ behaviour. Episode   2880   from   January   1978   -   Kate’s   lapse   of   judgement   puts   Lucy   in   a   tizz.   Stan   is surprised   when   his   solicitor   suggests   moving   Ingrid   out   of   the   house,   but   is   aghast   when Sharon suggests Jim as his temporary replacement. Ingrid makes her move. Episode   2881   from   January   1978   -   Jim’s   concern   for   Muriel   is   heightened   when   she confesses   that   she   watched   their   daughter   get   beaten   up   without   lifting   a   finger   to help. Meg awkwardly confesses to Stan that she knows where Jill is staying. Episode   2882   from   January   1978   -   Rick   tries   to   get   a   rise   out   of   David   by   dropping uncouth   hints,   prompting   Tony   to   ponder   Rick’s   real   reason   for   returning.   Meg   is overjoyed   when   she   finds   that   Jill   has   finally   made   a   sensible   decision.   Jim   begins   to understand the extent of Muriel’s illness. Episode   2883   from   January   1978   -   Tony   becomes   even   more   suspicious   of   Rick.   Muriel confesses   her   fears   to   Jim,   his   sympathy   manifesting   itself   as   lots   of   shouting   and   arm- waving. Lynn’s father slowly begins to side with his daughter on the subject of Sandy. Episode   2884   from   January   1978   -   Rick   colludes   with   Lucy   to   try   and   manufacture   a situation   where   both   he   and   Kate   are   left   alone.   Sharon   tries   to   get   to   the   bottom   of Muriel’s   illness,   but   she   gets   defensive.   Their   chat   is   interrupted   by   Jim   when   he arrives home early. Much shouting ensues. Episode   2885   from   January   1978   -   Sandy   is   horrified   when   Lynn’s   father   suggests   that they   live   in   sin   rather   than   get   married.   Victor,   Stan’s   temporary   replacement,   arrives at the garage and immediately gets up Jim’s nose. Episode   2886   from   January   1978   -   Carney   shares   his   suspicions   about   one   of   the   guests with   Jane   -   suspicions   soon   realised   when   a   tall,   dark   stranger   arrives   at   the   motel   with a keen interest in the guest. Meg finds a strange man in her bedroom. Episode   2887   from   January   1978   -   A   ghost   from   Hugh’s   past   returns   to   haunt   Meg, causing   behaviour   so   strange   that   even   Sandy   takes   notice   of   her   none-too-subtle subterfuge.   Rick   explains   his   plans   for   the   future   to   Tony.   Tony   is   not   really   that impressed. Episode   2888   from   January   1978   -   Whilst   Meg   continues   her   covert   activities,   Mr.   Black maintains    his    watchful    vigil    in    Reception.    Rick    tries    to    unearth    some    background information on David but Kate isn’t biting. Episode   2889   from   January   1978   -   Victor’s   bloody-mindedness   causes   a   scene,   but   Dr. Butterworth    saves    the    day    with    some    handily    concocted    fibs.    Sandy    voices    his conspiracy   theory   about   Mr.   Black   and   his   prey.   Meg   plays   coy.   Rick   tries   his   best   to inveigle David in a risky business deal. Episode   2890   from   February   1978   -   Sandy   reveals   his   chauvinistic   plans   for   the   future   to Jane,   but   she   comes   down   firmly   on   Lynn’s   side   of   the   argument.   Rick’s   plans   gather momentum,   while   Victor   tries   to   get   to   the   bottom   of   Jim’s   attitude   problems.   Diane finds something surprising in Meg’s bedroom. Episode   2891   from   February   1978   -   Mr.   Black   pounces   on   Diane   in   Reception.   Sandy sulks   when   another   nail   is   hammered   into   the   coffin   of   his   dreams   of   Utopian   domestic bliss. Dr. Butterworth’s therapy treatment results in some surprises for Muriel. Archive Volume Nine: Episode   2892   from   February   1978   -   David   canvasses   Tony’s   opinion   of   Rick’s   scheme, and   is   surprised   to   find   it   cautiously   optimistic.   Victor’s   plan   to   make   himself   the   most unpopular   person   in   King’s   Oak   continues   apace,   ensuring   that   Jim’s   dander   is   well   and truly up... Episode   2893   from   February   1978   -   When   Jim   is   squashed   by   an   engine   block,   Victor can’t   help   but   feel   a   little   guilty.   Rick   gets   a   shock   when   his   foreign   backing   is   pulled, and   Mr.   Black’s   flabber   is   well   and   truly   ghasted   when   Mr.   Warner-Bligh   strolls   languidly into reception. Episode   2904   from   February   1978   -   Carney   descends   into   his   own   personal   hell   when   he tries   to   deal   manfully   with   a   late-night   customer   whilst   being   handcuffed.   Meg   takes Sandy to task about his untidy room. He takes it on the chin. Episode   2928   from   April   1978   -   David   is   shocked   at   Chris’s   lack   of   emotion   when   he discovers   that   Pierre   has   been   killed.   Victor   makes   plans   to   move   on   as   the   gossip   and malicious notes continue to do their damage. Episode   2930   from   April   1978   -   Meg   hears   the   fourth   most   incredible   thing   she’s   ever heard   in   her   life.   She   then   pays   a   visit   to   Chris   and   gives   him   a   piece   of   her   mind. Phoebe tempts David to become involved in a business venture in Florida. Episode    2931    from   April    1978    -    Meg    ponders    sedation    as    her    search    for    the    key continues   to   go   unrewarded.   While   Phoebe   continues   to   push   David   for   a   decision   on Florida, Diane becomes more concerned over Jackie’s behaviour. Episode   2974   from   July   1978   -   Benny   and   Grogan   gang   up   on   Mr.   Rogers.   Throat-slitting is   pondered   as   an   option   and   he   flees   the   scene.   They   top   their   victory   by   stalking   a goat that has just eaten some of Benny’s money. Episode   2975   from   July   1978   -   Benny’s   not   particularly   sold   on   the   idea   of   changing   his surname,   much   to   Mr.   Reed’s   chagrin.   Meg   behaves   brusquely   when   a   strange   man knocks at her door, brandishing a toothbrush. Episode   2976   from   July   1978   -   Glenda   is   mildly   disconcerted   when   Godfrey   confesses   to murder.   Jim,   radiant   with   a   new   perm,   becomes   vexed   when   Sandra   refuses   to   agree with   his   plans   for   the   future.   Sandy   discusses   the   rules   of   the   road   with   Lloyd,   who   just can’t get his head around right-hand drive vehicles. Episode   2977   from   July   1978   -   Sandy   is   thrilled   when   actor   Bill   Farrow   comes   to   stay   at the   motel   while   Lloyd   discovers   that   Meg’s   misery   fit   is   down   to   Hugh’s   recent   death. Sandy   tries   to   twist   Diane’s   arm   into   dropping   her   lawsuit   against   Jim,   for   the   good   of the motel.. Episode   2978   from   July   1978   -   Mr.   Matthews   pressures   Jim   into   paying   Meg   a   visit.   This Jim   does   and,   in   a   fit   of   honesty,   tells   her   the   real   reason   why   he   wants   to   buy   the cottage. Daisy tries to entice Godfrey to an evening of culture. Episode   2979   from   July   1978   -   Benny   and   Mrs.   Reed   have   a   chat   about   his   future,   but she    doesn’t    have    his    best    interests    at    heart.    Daisy    provides    Bill    with    a    shocking revelation and Lloyd regales Meg with tales of his swizzle stick. Episode   2980   from   July   1978   -   Reeling   under   the   news   that   he’s   the   fruit   of   Godfrey’s loins,   Bill   is   circumspect   when   Daisy   tries   to   invite   him   around   for   tea.   Jane   makes Benny a nice drink while Doris gives the Reeds a piece of her mind. Episode   2981   from   July   1978   -   Benny   deals   a   hammer   blow   to   Tom   Reed’s   future business   plans.   Jim   confesses   his   idiocy   to   Diane   in   an   attempt   to   avoid   a   costly   court case,   while   Meg   turns   down   the   chance   to   sell   her   cottage   so   she   can   live   in   maudlin loneliness. Episode   2982   from   July   1978   -   It’s   a   big   day   for   Benny   when   Ed   is   brought   back   from hospital   by   van.   Unfortunately   he   immediately   begins   to   get   up   Doris’s   nose.   Sandy   is mildly   perturbed   to   discover   that   Lloyd   has   almost   taken   up   residence   at   his   mother’s cottage. Episode   2983   from   July   1978   -   Tish   tries   some   none-too-subtle   questioning   of   Lloyd regarding   Meg’s   hermit-like   behaviour.   Diane   and   Glenda   are   shocked   when   Jane   hands in   her   notice.   Bill   scandalises   Glenda   when   he   tells   her   that   he’s   off   on   a   date   with Daisy.. Archive Volume Ten: Episode   2984   from   July   1978   -   Daisy’s   teatime   guest   provides   a   bit   of   a   shock   for Godfrey.   Ed   and   Mr.   Reed   have   a   serious   discussion   about   Benny’s   future.   Harsh   words are spoken until Doris intervenes, but she’s not best pleased with the outcome. Episode   2985   from   July   1978   -   While   Diane’s   octogenarian   neighbour   is   convinced   she’s seen   a   prowler,   Godfrey   is   verging   on   the   apoplectic   when   Daisy   confesses   the   secrets of Bill’s parentage. Meg indulges herself in a maudlin conversation with Hugh’s spirit... Episode   2986   from   August   1978   -   Sandy   treads   warily   when   he’s   invited   to   tea   at   the cottage   by   Meg,   and   becomes   mildly   uncomfortable   at   Lloyd’s   presence.   Daisy   enjoys the   fast   life   in   Bill’s   sporty   car   whilst   Ed   is   shocked   to   find   Benny   eating   his   tea   in   the parlour instead of the kitchen. Episode   2987   from August   1978   -   Ed   becomes   peeved   when   Tom   Reed   offers   him   money to   persuade   Benny   to   change   his   mind,   a   situation   which   eventually   comes   to   a   head when   Benny   finds   out.   Tish   indulges   in   a   bit   of   badinage   with   Clifford   Howes   -   a singularly curious customer with surprising hair. Episode   2988   from   August   1978   -   Benny’s   temper   is   heated   with   both   Mr.   Reed   and   Ed, while   Diane’s   neighbour,   Miss   Willis,   continues   to   insist   that   they   are   being   targeted   by a   stalker.   Tish   discovers   that   Lloyd   is   actually   a   published   psychiatrist   and   relationship guru. She even has his book. Episode   2989   from   August   1978   -   Diane   discovers   that   Miss   Willis’s   suspicions   are   right. Or   does   she..?   Godfrey   gives   Daisy   a   nice   surprise   when   she   comes   home   to   find   him doing   his   thing   in   the   living   room.   Diane   is   grilled   by   the   fuzz   over   her   neighbour’s neurotic tendencies. Meg discovers Lloyd’s book. Episode   2990   from August   1978   -   Meg   roasts   Lloyd   for   his   duplicity   and   then   determines to   go   back   to   moping.   While   Mr.   Reed   decides   that   Benny’s   learning   curve   should   start with   a   couple   of   pamphlets,   both   Benny   and   Ed   suffer   from   the   rough   edge   of   Doris’s tongue. Sandy gets a surprising call from Stan. Episode   2991   from August   1978   - After   discussing   the   situation   with   Ed,   Diane   comes   to believe   that   perhaps   this   change   of   lifestyle   could   be   good   for   Benny,   but   he   is   more concerned   about   what   happens   to   his   goat.   While   Glenda   sponges   Lloyd’s   knees,   he regales her with tales from when he was a busboy. Episode   2992   from   August   1978   -   While   Daisy   pampers   Godfrey,   Bill   contemplates setting   a   cunning   scheme   in   motion.   Tish   is   jealous   of   Lloyd’s   relationship   with   Meg, but   needs   his   help   to   return   the   status   quo.   Diane   is   shocked   when   Clifford   asks   to draw her portrait as she’s not convinced that he is the full shilling. Episode   2993   from August   1978   -   David   demands   that   Meg   just   snap   out   of   it   and   return to   work.   Misery   levels   run   high   at   the   farm   as   Benny   moves   out   to   work   with   Mr.   Reed. Daisy   annoys   Tish   when   she   gives   a   day’s   notice   to   quit   her   job.   Meanwhile,   Diane   gets a bit of shock.. Episode   2994   from August   1978   -   Trapped   in   her   flat   with   a   demented   artist,   Diane   has to   think   on   her   feet.   Sandy   and   Tish   are   shocked   at   the   enormity   of   Meg’s   phone   bill, though   both   are   afraid   to   bring   it   to   her   attention.   Meg   confesses   to   Lloyd   that   she   has felt Hugh’s spirit in the night. Episode   2995   from   August   1978   -   For   reasons   best   known   to   herself,   Diane   defends Clifford   against   PC   Cater’s   accusations.   Benny   experiences   culture   shock   as   he   tries   to acclimatise    himself    to    his    new    environment.    Things    get    worse    when    Mr.    Reed’s secretary complains that Benny smells. Episode   2996   from   August   1978   -   Diane   remains   shocked   at   Glenda’s   gullibility   while David   raises   an   eyebrow   when   Mr.   Matthews   offers   the   motel   the   chance   of   obtaining   a catering   franchise.   Meanwhile,   the   reception   area   suffers   from   a   surfeit   of   chefs   as   the rush to find a replacement is on. Episode   2997   from   August   1978   -   Meg   is   having   second   thoughts   about   selling   the cottage,   but   her   attention   is   diverted   when   her   search   for   a   new   chef   falls   short   of   her expectations.   Benny’s   trials   go   from   bad   to   worse   -   not   only   is   he   forced   into   a   three- piece   suit,   but   Mr.   Reed   also   takes   him   to   task   for   his   lack   of   dexterity   when   eating peas. Episode    2998    from   August    1978    -    Mr.    Reed    finally    comes    to    realise    the    folly    of employing   Benny   in   an   office   environment.   Unfortunately,   he   pushes   too   hard   and Benny   throws   a   wobbler.   Meg   can’t   resist   a   bit   of   a   gloat   when   Mr.   Matthews   fails   to reach   the   winning   bid   on   the   cottage,   but   is   a   bit   shocked   when   she   discovers   the identity of the new owner. Episode   2999   from   August   1978   -   Lloyd   confesses   to   Meg   that   he   really   bought   her cottage   by   accident.   She   wants   him   to   cancel   the   bid   but   he   refuses,   so   she   works   her energy out on remonstrating with Shughie and Diane in the kitchen.