Each   section   takes   a   more   detailed   look   at   each   era   of   the   Crossroads   production   from   the   early   ATV   Midlands   days   in   the   sixties   through   to   the   revival attempt in the early 2000s by Carlton Central.
1964 - 1969  ATV Midlands launch Crossroads on November 2nd, 1964. The series would across this decade win its first award, move to new studios and begin broadcasting in colour.
1970-1979 Further award wins for the show, and notably lead star Noele Gordon, would be a regular occurrence in the ‘70s. The saga also reach its ratings peak as every region on the IBA network finally aired the series.
1980 - 1988 The decade of changes, several in a short period of time; From the move from ATV to Central, the departure of Noele Gordon and the overhaul of the series in 1985.
2000-2003 Carlton began a new era of the saga in late 2000, with big plans for their version of the Crossroads Hotel. However a failed ‘camp revamp’ in 2003 saw the series swiftly dropped from the schedules.