Welcome to The Crossroads Years, the storyline website from the Crossroads Fan Club. Crossroads   was   a   daily   serial   which   aired   on   commercial   television   in   the   UK   from   ATV.   It   was produced   in   Birmingham   and   revolved   around   the   stories   of   a   Midland   Motel   and   the   village   of   Kings Oak. It   starred   West   End   actress   Noele   Gordon   in   the   lead   role   of   Meg   Richardson,   later   Mortimer,   the owner of the Crossroads Motel of which the programme took its title. The   episodes   were   also   screened   in   several   other   countries   including   France,   Malta,   China   and Australia. Here   we   bring   the   best   of   each   years’   storylines   from   the ATV   years   which   ran   from   November   1964 to December 1981. Where   possible   we’ll   also   throw   in   facts   and   trivia   from   the   months   in   question,   such   as   first appearances of characters and key episode numbers. Crossroads   continued   under   new   production   company   Central   Television   through   to   April   1988   and was    revived    for    a    short    period    in    the    2000’s    when    Carlton    Central    Productions    attempted    an unsuccessful revival.
Crossroads  ATV Network Limited 1964 - 1981. © Granada International/Peter Ling/Hazel Adair. The series format was developed by Reg Watson. Designed by Rex Spencer and based on an early idea by Ivor Jay. The Crossroads Years is produced by The Crossroads Fan Club, which has been given an extensive archive of material by Central Television, Carlton Television, ITC Entertainment and the Granada International Picture and Document archive.