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Motel Staff, management and Kings Oak villagers. Crossroads   as   with   any   long   running   series   had   thousands   of   characters   feature   over   the   years.   In   1979 ATV   estimated   over   5000   actors   had   appeared   in   the   programme.   Having   a   central   location   of   a   motel saw many more performers appear than other sagas of the time. This   page   aims   to   lists   the   key   management   and   staff,   as   well   as   a   look   in   profile   at   some   of   our   favourite characters from the series. Any image which is clickable  will provide a mini bio on that person.
Key Characters
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1960s: Motel Managers and Assistant Managers…
Meg Richardson
Kevin McArthur
Barry Hughes
Jill Richardson
Dick Jarvis
Tish Hope
Geoff Steele
Paul Stevens
Gerald Lovejoy
Nick Van Doren
Motel Staff…          Front of House and Hospitality Waitress   roles   also   often   would   include   reception   work   too   up   until   the   early   1980s   while   Kitchen Assistants   were   also   known   to   waitress:   Crossroads staff were multi-tasking years before it became the trend. (*occasional)
Vi Blundell Head Cook
Carlos Raphael Chef
Peppi Costa Chef
Bernard Booth Chef
Gerald Lovejoy Chef
Shughie McFee Chef
Andrew DeVillenerve Chef
Cynthia Cunningham Chef
Joésfina Raphael Kitchen Assistant
Marie Massinet Receptionist
Michael Prescott Receptionist
Marilyn Gates Kitchen Assistant
Gloria Penn Kitchen Assistant
Diane Lawton Kitchen Assistant
Betty Cornett Head Cook
Paul Assistant Chef
Melanie Harper Receptionist
Caroline Winthrop Waitress
Kathie Lamb Receptionist
Dave Cartwright Receptionist
Agnes Bickley Waitress
Doris Luke Kitchen Assistant
Jane Smith Waitress
Glenda Brownlow Kitchen Assistant
Avis Tennyson Waitress
Winnie Plumbtree Kitchen Assistant
Jill Richardson Receptionist
Sandra Gould Receptionist
Florence Baker Kitchen Assistant
Amy Turtle Kitchen Assistant
Tina Webb Receptionist
Rita Witton Kitchen Assistant
Kathleen Donovan Receptionist
Danny Conroy Receptionist
Greg Owen Receptionist
Vera Downend *Receptionist
Sam Carne Night Porter
Martin Bell Waiter
Vicky Wade Waitress
Rex Oliver *Receptionist
Archie Gibbs Night Porter
Lilian Holmes Receptionist
Dawn Receptionist
Helen Booth Receptionist
Daisy Pinfold Kitchen Assistant
Trina MacDonald Receptionist
Valerie Saunders Waitress
Chris Hunter Waiter
Barbara Hunter *Receptionist
Miranda Pollard Receptionist
Patsy Harris Waitress
Rashida Malik Receptionist
Lisa Walters Receptionist
Anne Marie-Wade Receptionist
Paloma Gasiorowski Receptionist
Mandy Lee Receptionist
Mrs Rawlings Kitchen Assistant
Anna Drew Waitress
Thomas Darby Head Receptionist
Charlie Mycroft Receptionist
Motel Staff…               Bar Staff In   the   early   years,   most   managers   and   assistant   managers   helped   run   the   motel   bar,   this   included   Meg   Richardson   and   her   daughter   Jill.   By   the   late 1960s bar staff were hired by the motel.
Jamil Ashruf
Vince Parker
Martin Bell
Greg Owen
Danny Conroy
Don Rogers
Timothy Hunter
Clive Merrow
Tish Hope
Bill Warren
Jeff Gilbert
Chris Hunter
Roy Lambert
Barry Hart
Daniel Freeman
Valerie Pollard
Tish Hope Receptionist
Meg Richardson
Charlie Mycroft
Iris Scott
Motel Staff…               Secretaries The staff who kept the letters in order, bookings on file and phone calls transferred.
Ruth Bailey
Julie Shepherd
Claire Thomas
Julie Bates
Diane Parker
Faye Mansfield
Vicky Lambert
Kate Hamilton
Stephanie Colby
Phoebe Tomkins
Joanne Petersen
Miranda Pollard
Anne Marie Wade
Motel Staff…               Housekeeping and Grounds Crossroads Motel’s crew who kept everything clean and operational.
Finn McKenna Handyman
William Fothergill Handyman
Bernie Kilroy Gardener
Philip Winter Handyman
Archie Gibbs Gardener
Dave Cartwright Handyman
Guy Atkins Gardener
Benny Hawkins Handyman
Sam Carne Gardener
Alice Loomis Housekeeper
Vi Blundell Cleaner
Rita Witton Cleaner
Amy Turtle Cleaner
Anne Farrant Cleaner
Martha Thorpe Cleaner
Jill Chance Housekeeper
Mrs Tardebigge Cleaner
Doris Luke Cleaner
Nora Bowen Cleaner
Kath Brownlow Housekeeper
Of   course   there   are   many   years   of   characters   and   its   highly   possible   we’ve   missed   one   or   two   characters   who   should   be   listed   here,   feel   free   to   let   us know    of   anyone   we’ve   unintentionally   excluded.   The   character   profiles,   for   selected   motel   faces,   can   be   found   by   clicking   on   the   photograph   of   the person. Their first appearance on the page will be clickable if they have a profile.
Mandy Lee
1970s: Motel Managers and Assistant Managers…
Meg Richardson
David Hunter
Bernard Booth
Sandy Richardson
Dick Jarvis
Tish Hope
Paul Stevens
Nick Van Doren
John Crane
Toni Ross
1980s: Motel Managers and Assistant Managers…
Meg Mortimer
David Hunter
Barbara Hunter
Sandy Richardson
Jill Chance
Adam Chance
Nicola Freeman
Lisa Lancashire
Other Management Roles…
Meg Richardson Restaurant Manager
Debbie Lancaster Restaurant Manager
Max Lorimer Restaurant Manager
Benny Wilmott Coffee Shop Manager
Daniel Freeman Leisure Centre Manager
Adam Chance Leisure Centre Manager
Paul Ross Restaurant Manager
Diane Hunter Restaurant Manager
Sandy Richardson Cafeteria Manager