CARLTON SERIES 2001 - 2003 and 1964 - 2003 PETS CHARACTER - ACTOR A / B Abby Baker - Raine Davison Andy Barber - Sean McShane Lucy Barnes - Kerrie Taylor Vic Barnes - Ray Lonnen (father of Jake Booth) Phil Berry - Neil Grainger Nicola Berry - Julia Burchell (daughter of Patrick/Kate Russell) Ethan Black - John Bowler Bishop Black - Tim Woodward Mary Black - Jane Gurnett Jake Booth - Colin Wells (son of Kate Russell) Scott Booth - Kieran Hardcastle (son of Tracey/Jake) Scott Booth - Matthew Maude (replacement actor) Tracey Booth - Cindy Marshall-Day (wife of Jake) Rio Brooke - Georgina Walker Mr Broughton - Geoffrey Whitehead C Adam Chance - Tony Adams Jill Chance - Jane Rossington (wife of Adam) Bradley Clarke - Luke Walker Tom Curtis - Toby Sawyer (boyfriend of Bradley Clarke) Daniel Curtis - Jack Curtis (brother of Tom) D / E / F Sam Delaney - Jonathan Wrather Scarlet DeSilva - Ilaria D'Elia Louise Dixon - Joanne Farrell (pretended to be 'Sarah Jane Harvey') Ray Dobbs - James McKenzie Robinson (Married Mandy Stocks) Lady Alice Fox - Kate O'Mara Casper Fox - Nick Prideaux G / H / I Garth Gilder - Adam C. Booth Joanne Gibson - Rebecca Clarke Kully Gill - Sarah Nerwal Sarah Jane Harvey - Holly Newman Sally Hamilton - Laura Strachan Lorraine Hamilton - Harriet Thorpe (Sally's mother) J / K / L Mike Kitson - Jonathan Guy Lewis Joe Lacey - Richard Burke (really Joe Wynter but was at the motel in disguise) Jeff Larson - Scott Wright Toni Larson - Sherree Moore Lynda Larson - Sarah Haynes Diane Lawrence - Carol Royle Doris Luke - Kathy Staff M / N / O Richard Mason - Gary Webster Newspaper Reporter - Laurence Saunders Julie Noakes - Sheila Tait (mother of Phil Berry) Brian Noakes - Colin MacLachlan (Step-father of Phil Berry) P / Q / R Helen Raven - Lucy Pargeter Virginia Raven - Sherrie Hewson (mother of Helen) Dr. Harry Richmond - Les Dennis Patrick Russell - Neil McCaul Kate Russell - Jane Gurnett (wife of Patrick) Mark Russell - Max Brown (son of Kate/Patrick) S / T / U Angela Samson - Jane Asher Max Samson - Stuart Milligan (husband of Angela) Ryan Samson - Luke Roberts (son of Angela/Max) Jimmy Samson - Graham McGrath (son of Angela/Max) Cleo Samson - Clare Wilkie (daughter of Angela/Max) Suzie Samson - Emma Noble PC Sherman - Andy Williams Beena Shah - Rebecca Hazlewood Murray Simpson - Tim Brooke-Taylor (boyfriend of Vince Vaccaro) Chloe Simms - Rhea Bailey Harvey Soloman - Jeff Harding Valentine Starwood - Lionel Blair Oona Stocks - Di Sherlock Dave Stocks - Jim Dunk (husband of Oona) Mandy Stocks-Dobbs - Natasha Marquiss (daughter of Oona/Dave) Holly Stocks - Rebecca Daniels / Archie Daniels (daughter of Mandy/Billy Taylor) Minty Sutton - Peter Dalton Billy Taylor - Gilly Gilchrist (father of Holly Stocks) V / W / X / Y / Z Vince Vaccaro - Ben Porter Betty Waddell - Anne Charleston Jasmine Weaver - Belinda Everett Eddie Weaver - Ramon Tikaram Des White - Marc Jordan Arthur Williams - John Cater (pianist) Jez Williams - Belinda Everett Wanda Wise - Linda Robson (mother of Lola/Belle/Philomena) Lola Wise - Freema Agyeman Belle Wise - Jessica Fox Philomena Wise - Shauna Shim Rocky Wesson - Roger Sloman Hilary Wesson - Roger Sloman (twin brother of Rocky) Stafford Wynter - Paul Shelley (father of Joe Wynter) Jenny Roberts - Rosie Feller (really Jenny Wynter, daughter of Stafford) MISC "Sean" - Luke Evans "Josh" - Ben Maguire "Eva" - Georgina Bouzova "Jenny" - Donnaleigh Bailey "John" - Jonathan Barlow "Silvia" - Geraldine Fitzgerald "Bob" - Terence Hillier Young Ethan Black - Steven Geller Young Kate Booth - Charlie Hayes Young Angela Maynard - Karianne Henderson Young Max Samson - George McGuire Monsignor - Bill Bingham Hotel Guest -Ben Shephard (GMTV presenter) Hotel Guest - Lee Latchford-Evans (from pop group Steps) Hotel Guest - Nic Ayling (Children's ITV) ANIMALS & PETS ALL SERIES "Portia" The Great Dane - Brian Jarvis' dog "Jupiter" - Edith Tatum's dog “Hercules” and “Andromeda” - Edith Tatum’s cats “Apollo” - Edith Tatum’s budgie "Rex" The Border Collie - Stan Harvey's dog "Betty" The Collie and "Jasper" The Whippet - Sam Carne's dogs "Moses" The Border Collie - Benny's dog "Ebony" The Bulldog - Rocky Wesson's dog "Starry" The Goat - Benny's farm animal "Miss Diane" The Donkey - Benny's donkey
Our   details   are   listed   in   order   of   the   character   surname.   For   example   Adam   Chance   will   be   in   C.   Those   mainly   known   by   their first   name   will   also   be   listed   by   their   surname;   for   example   Benny   is   in   H   for   Hawkins.   People   known   such   as   Mr   or   Miss   will   also be listed by their full name where possible. Most characters are listed by their debut name, but this may in some cases vary.
Researched by the Crossroads Fan Club.