Promotional Photographs
The ATV press release promo of Meg Richardson.
December 1964, another promotional photograph of Meg as Crossroads extends across the ITV network.
The first promotional image of Meg’s son Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge) in October of 1964 from the ATV press release.
The first promotional image of Jill Richardson, Meg’s daughter, (Jane Rossington) from the ATV press release for the launch of the programme.
The 1964 launch promo image of Dick Jarvis (Brian Kent) Meg’s brother-in-law.
The ATV press release image for Meg’s sister, and Dick’s wife, Kitty Jarvis (Beryl Johnstone) from October 1964.
The first motel chef, and his first promotional photograph; Carlos Raphael who arrived in episode two played by Anthony Morton.
When Marilyn Gates (Sue Nicholls) was first seen, she looked very different to the blonde beehive-styled girl viewers remember. (December 1964).
From an ATV/TV World photo shoot to mark the arrival of Diane Parker’s (Susan Hanson)1966 return (she first briefly appeared in 1965 for the Miss Crossroads contest.)
Another of the original characters from episode one was Brian and Kitty’s son Brian Jarvis (David Fennell).
Brian wooed Janice Gifford (Carolyn Lister). They later married, but it wasn’t to last.
Meg and Kitty’s brother Andy Frazer (Ian Patterson) married motel secretary Ruth Bailey (Pamela Greenall). After a hit and run, she lost their child.