Episodic Photography: Part Two
More personal issues to solve for Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) and son Sandy (Roger Tonge) in 1970.
Adam (Tony Adams) and Jill Chance (Jane Rossington) deal with another problem at the Crossroads Garage.
He’s heard it all before, waitress Marilyn Gates (Sue Nicholls) talks some tall story to chef Carlos Raphael (Tony Morton) in 1965.
Chef Bernard Booth (David Lawton) ticks off Amy Turtle (Ann George) for another gossip outburst. 1973.
Diane Lawton (Susan Hanson) takes umbrage with the waitressing workload, while chef Gerald Lovejoy (William Avnell) has no time for complaining.
Chef Shughie McFee (Angus Lennie) has found himself in a right muddle after pretending to be a mugging hero. Meg Mortimer (Noele Gordon) sympathises.
Barbara (Sue Lloyd) is in no mood for David’s (Ronald Allen) tough talking. 1982.
Marilyn Hope (Nadine Haniwell) listens to the concerns of Brian Jarvis (David Fennell) 1971.
A friendly word in the sitting room. Amy Turtle (Ann George) passes time with Tish Hope (Joy Andrews).
Charlie Mycroft (Graham Seed) and Jill Chance (Jane Rossington) oversee the motel refurbishments in 1985.
Boxer Dave Cartwright (John Hamil) shows off his muscles in 1968.
Dick (Brian Kent) and Kitty (Beryl Johnstone) hope for a better 1965 as Christmas ‘64 draws to a close.
The not so happy couple as Diane Lawton (Susan Hanson) marries postman Vince Parker (Peter Brookes) in 1971.
The second wedding in the series as milkman Ralph Palmer (Norman Jones) makes a honest woman of Christine Fuller (Alex Marshall). 1965.
Brian Jarvis (David Fennell) marries car hire secretary Janice Gifford (Carolyn Lyster).
Barmen Barry Hart (Harry Nurmi) and Daniel Freeman (Philip Goodhew) get a ticking off in the motel office.
Less work, more chat, for Jane Smith (Sally Adcock), Rita Witton (Jo Richardson) and Avis Tennyson (Helen Dorwood) in 1974.
All smiles in the motel bar as Barbara Hunter (Sue Lloyd) chats with brother Doug Brady (Nigel Williams).
Benny (Paul Henry) befriends traveller Sam Hurst (Brian Badcoe) but all isn’t as it seems. 1981.
Glenda Banks (Lynette McMorrough) grows increasingly bemused by Doris Luke’s (Kathy Staff) behaviour.
Business as usual at the village post office in 1972 for postman Vince Parker (Peter Brookes) and postmistress Edith Tatum (Elisabeth Croft).
Nicola Freeman (Gabrielle Drake) has some decisions to make on her future with journalist Sam Benson (Norman Bowler).
Penny Richardson (Diane Grayson) becomes smitten with hunky Dave Cartwright (John Hamil).
The Rev. Peter Hope (Neville Hughes) woos waitress Marilyn Gates (Sue Nicholls).
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Love is in the air in 1980 for Glenda (Lynette McMorrough and Kevin (David Moran).
Roy Lambert (Steven Pinder) is assisted in the village shop by Benny Hawkins (Paul Henry) in 1986.
Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge) ponders the prospects of using it, with Don Rogers (Albert Shepherd).