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Crossroads DVD raises £1000 in less than two days.

BBC Radio 2 and Central News mark Crossroads 50th

Newspapers Mark Crossroads 50th

Welcome to 'Crossroads Motel' the website of the official ITV fan club for the long running television serial 'Crossroads'.

The show, produced by ATV Network and Central Television, ran on ITV in the UK from 1964 to 1988 and a new version of the series ran from 2001-2003.

'Crossroads' revolved around the village of Kings Oak, near Birmingham, and the main location of the Crossroads Motel. Our website hosts information on the groundbreaking series as well as details of the fan club, which launched in 1987.

While Crossroads, the UK's first full-length daily soap, wasn't much liked by many critics, the show reached up to 18 million viewers at its peak and became an award winning daytime serial. In fact, to date, the saga is Britain's most successful weekday daytime programme in the history of ITV.

Crossroads News